Many Android owners seem to have a love/hate relationship with live wallpapers - no matter how stunning they are, they generally zap performance and battery life too much to be used for long. Here's one that might work on both sides of the coin: meet Solar Wind LWP.

solar_wind1 solar_wind2

As you can see, it's... well, it's a bit hard to describe. It mainly consists of multi-colored strings of dots swirling around.

Last Updated: October 29th, 2010

Given how popular live wallpaper (LWP) posts are, it's surprising that - with the exception of the Dancing Droid LWP - we haven't really had a big one since we found the R2-D2 set back in early September. Consider the dry spell over: meet the newest post-worthy LWP, 3D Active Blocks. The work of XDA-Devs member mmone3, the premise is simple: it takes pictures (either preset or pictures from your gallery) and breaks them into blocks; the blocks then break up, move, and transform (via various effects) into other pictures.


Want a live wallpaper that will make your friends’ heads explode? XDA-developers member chopsui is the man you are looking for. Check out the video he posted on YouTube in July to get an idea of just what you’re in for.

In a manner similar to the popular Labyrinth motion-controlled game, VR Tunnel LWP uses the phone’s accelerometer to judge the viewing angle and turns the viewpoint into the tunnel accordingly.

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