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Microsoft Updates 'Next Lock Screen' With Fingerprint Unlock, Smart Contacts, And More

Third-party Android lock screens are always at a disadvantage compared to the stock option when you care about security. Some of them do have neat features if all you really want is a quick way to see and access information without unlocking the device. Microsoft Next has some cool stuff going on, and it's getting an update today billed as the biggest it's ever had.

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Google App v4.9 Adds Toggle For Lockscreen Notifications, May Also Offer Toggle For App Suggestions [APK Download + Mini-Teardown]

Version 4.9 of the Google app began rolling out late yesterday, but it's not sporting a lot of obvious additions. The only immediately visible changes appear under Settings -> Now cards, where a new toggle has been added to enable or disable lock screen notifications based on cards. Some updated text also appears below the new toggle, if you care about that sort of thing.


Left: old version. Right: new version.

The existing Notifications toggle gave users the option to determine whether cards from Google Now could occupy space in the notification shade. The new toggle brings a little more control by allowing notifications to appear in the shade without being shown on the lock screen where they could potentially overwhelm more important notifications.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] A Swipe From The Left On The Lock Screen Now Launches Google Voice Search Instead Of The Dialer

There's a minor change to the way Android M implements the lock screen. Instead of the camera and phone shortcuts, you have camera and voice search. Voice Search is accessed by swiping from the lower left corner where you now have a mic icon.

Screenshot_20150528-191052 Screenshot_20150528-191117 2015-05-28 22.55.23

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Sony Releasing Android 5.0 Firmware Updates To Xperia Z2 And Z3 Series Devices With Bug Fixes And Tweaks

To address several relatively minor problems and requests, Sony's Xperia Z2 and Z3 devices will be getting an update to their firmware. They will remain on 5.0 Lollipop, which speaks to the fact that these are mostly optimizations rather than wholesale changes. The headlining feature is probably the fact that the app switcher now has a close all button, but there are some other goodies as well.

Another feature change is making the LED light independent of the sound settings. Previously, putting the device on silent also turned off the LED indicator. This was probably annoying, since the light is the exact thing you would want in place of audio.

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Functional 'Trusted Voice' Smart Lock Option Rolling Out To Some Users


Microsoft's New Picturesque App Turns Your Lockscreen Into A Bing Homepage

Dedicated Google users may not be aware that the Bing homepage consists predominantly of a giant background image, sometimes animated, that changes by the day. In perhaps a fit of creativity, Microsoft has decided to release a lockscreen replacement app by the name of Picturesque that takes this background and makes it your phone's lock screen.

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[Update: Winners] TimePIN Secures Your Phone With A Code Updated Every Minute, Easily Fools Thieves And Pranksters, Win One Of Ten Pro Licenses

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

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Any decent bank heist movie always has one common hurdle for the would-be thieves: a regularly changing access code to the vault, and only one person knows what it is.

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[New App] Qualcomm Releases Glance Beta, An Intelligent Lock Screen Replacement That Plugs Into Battery Guru

The Battery Guru app from Qualcomm promises to learn how you use your phone and make small tweaks to improve battery life. Glance, a new app from Qualcomm, uses that same usage data to build an intelligent lock screen. Battery Guru is required, so that means this is a Snapdragon-only experience.

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Glance integrates a lot of supposedly intelligent features that tailor themselves to your usage. It lists upcoming appointments, apps you might want to use, frequent contacts, and the weather (because everything has to show the weather). There's a bit of customization to be done if you don't like the way Glance organizes things, but the idea is that you just let it do its thing.

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[New App] Sparky Lock Screen Is Beautiful And Lightning Fast, Light In Features In The Right Way

When it comes to beautifying your phone, most of the options involve complicated modding procedures, installing sketchy software, or spending entirely too much time shuffling through configuration screens. Sometimes, all we need is a low maintenance option that does the hard work for us. To that end, Sparky Lock Screen is determined to deliver an ultra-fast, incredibly simple lock screen replacement that looks great without making you work for it.



Simplicity is obviously the driving force behind Sparky. There is but one option: which theme you want to use. That's it. No extended configurations, no toggling of checkboxes, no picking through pages of background images.

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DashClock Widget Updated To Version 1.5 With Daydream Support, New Weather Options, And More

If you have a device running Android 4.2, there is literally no reason to avoid checking out DashClock Widget. This app comes from Googler Roman Nurik and it completely transforms your lock screen. Despite already being excellent, DashClock just got an update with more features.


4 5 6

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