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I've gone on record that zombie games are the bane of the mobile landscape, the interactive equivalent of the buddy cop movie: creatively bankrupt, innovative as a brick, and now only rarely entertaining. I'm inclined to stay my hatred for all things green and groaning on this one occasion, if only because the source material is still relatively pure. The Walking Dead: Assault is a squad-based strategy game, born from the same comic book series as AMC's monster hit TV show (but not the show itself).

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Pacific Rim comes to theaters tomorrow, and I'm already planning my route. Giant robots, Godzilla-style monsters, and a complete absence of Shia LaBeouf - what more could you want from a summer blockbuster? How about an official Android game... or two? The "full" Pacific Rim game comes from Reliance Games, a developer that tends to specialize in licensed titles. It's not to be confused with the other official game, which is more of an AR gimmick.