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Flockers Is A Lemmings-Style Puzzle Game From The Creators Of Worms, Now Available On Google Play

In Worms, sheep are used as suicidal explosives. The helpless animals run in the direction they're released in, turning around only if their path is blocked. Seeking freedom, their plans are inevitably thwarted when the automatic timer runs out or a player triggers their detonation, bringing their life to an end.

In Flockers, a Lemmings-style puzzle game from Worms-developer Team 17, the sheep have had enough. Rather than continue this hopeless existence, they make a break for it. Unfortunately, the future is still pretty bleak. Not willing to let the flock escape, the worms try to block it off using buzz saws, swinging meat cleavers, spikes, and whatever else their cruel minds can come up with.

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Kiwanuka Is A Beautiful Low-Poly Physics Puzzler Inspired By Lemmings

Kiwanuka is a Lemmings-inspired physics puzzler that we've been looking out for on Android since we heard about it on iOS. Thanks to a partnership between original devs CMA MegaCorp and the developers at Jakyl, the game has finally made its way to our favorite platform, and it's awesome.

Basically, you play the guy or gal in charge of saving a crowd of Kiwanuka, using a magical staff that whips the humanoid critters into shape, arranging them in tall, swaying towers you can use to climb through low-poly geometric terrain. When you reach the goal in each level, you'll free another Kiwanuka.

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[Review] Spirits Is A Delightful Puzzle Game That Makes Me Dream Of Haikus And Autumn

Light and floating wisps
Tranquil music serenades
You're playing Lemmings

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, let me introduce you to Spirits. This game features a series of ethereal spirit beings (see where they got the name?) that steadily stream out of the entrance to a level. Your job is to transform some of the aural manifestations into clouds, vines, and all manner of natural tools to lead the remaining wisps to the exit of the level. If it sounds familiar, then you probably owned a Commodore Amiga or played PC games in the early 90s.

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