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Lenovo CEO Allegedly Leaks A Possible Follow-Up To The Moto 360, Complete With Exposed Lugs... And The Same 'Flat Tire' Screen

You knew it was coming. With the Moto 360 being easily the most exciting Android Wear device from the initial video almost exactly a year ago, and then being something of a disappointment upon release thanks to its ancient chipset and not-really-360-degree "round" screen, a follow-up was inevitable. It looks like an executive from Lenovo (the new owners of Motorola Mobility) may have let the cat out of the bag on the company's next Android Wear smartwatch.

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Supposed Early LG G4 Press Render Leaks On Twitter

The LG G3 was heavily leaked before its announcement, and so was the G2 before that. So long-time Android enthusiasts probably won't be too surprised to see that a G4 leak is already hitting Twitter.

This one comes from @OnLeaks, an account created by the guy who runs, a French blog that posted what ended up being an accurate image of the HTC One M9. The current leak shows the back of what is allegedly an early version of the G4.

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HTC One M9 Shows Up On BestBuy.Com With Specs, Image, And A $649.99 Price Tag

Is there anything left to know about the upcoming HTC One (M9)? Not really. We've already seen the device in a video comparison against its older siblings, the M7 and M8, and in some leaked images and videos from @Upleaks. We know it's going to look almost exactly like its predecessors and that it will ditch the Duo Camera on the back in favor of a single large sensor.

But, in case you want further confirmation that this is what HTC will indeed unwrap later today at its MWC conference, Best Buy has let its own M9 product page go live. It's a listing for the AT&T-compatible grey variant of the phone, with 32GB of storage and priced at $649.99.

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Huawei's Slick Android Wear Smartwatch Leaked Ahead Of MWC In The Most Pretentious Smartphone Accessory Video Ever

Watch the video below. Watch it several times if you need to. Try to figure out what it's trying to promote. A remote and exclusive European ski resort? An auction house for classic Mercedes cars? Champagne intended only for use in questionably phallic gestures? Nope, it's Huawei's Watch. That's not a typo, it's actually called the Huawei Watch. Let's... um, watch.

The design of the Android Wear device looks more or less like the Moto 360, with its metal housing and thin bezels but without its signature "flat tire" screen cutout. The Huawei Watch also has conventional lugs (presumably making for easy watch band swaps) and a single "crown" button at the 2:00 position.

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Hands-On Video Compares The Unreleased HTC One M9 To The Older M8 And M7

Ah, the leadup to Mobile World Congress, where high-end device leaks flow like milk and honey. After Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been almost entirely revealed, we've now got a video demo'ing HTC's next One flagship, the M9. The video below from YouTube user Samia Lou shows off the unreleased M9 next to its One series predecessors, the One M8 and M7 from 2014 and 2013, respectively. Nothing's official until it's official, but this removes pretty much all doubt about the M9's physical design.

The M9 keeps the same basic One family traits including the metal unibody and dual front-facing speakers, with an added piece of gold-colored metal trim around the bezel, iPhone 4-style.

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Sprint Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Promotion Leaked Ahead Of MWC Announcement

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S6, and a curved-screen variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, at its Mobile World Congress announcement early next month. The phones look like this. Aside from a few specs and information on prices and dates, that's about all you need to know. But the leaked images were pretty tiny, so Sprint has been kind enough to leak some more for us. It doesn't include the bottom portion of the phone, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there's a home button down there. Thanks, Sprint!


OK, so it's probably not intentional.

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The Cat Is Really Out Of The Bag: Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Appear Side By Side In More Leaked Images

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is approaching its real unveil at MWC, the leaks have turned into an open faucet. Following yesterday's images of the Galaxy S6 from all angles, today we have a couple of photos of the S6 and S6 Edge side-by-side being all, "I'm flat!" and, "I'm curved!" Oh come on, you're both pretty. I mean, kind of.

galaxy-s6-s6-edge-1 galaxy-s6-s6-edge-2

New XDA member graaler posted these screenshots of images of both devices from the front and the back. They appear to be similarly sized, with the S6 Edge looking slightly more svelte thanks to its curved, well, edges. The home button is present on both devices, with a few rumors talking of an improved fingerprint reader, and there are no on-screen navigation keys to be found.

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Sony Slips Out Xperia Z4 Tablet's Image, Display Resolution, And Unveiling Date—March 3rd

Anyone eager to see what Sony has planned for the Xperia Z4 Tablet won't have much longer to wait. According to XperiaBlog, Sony has let slip its plans to show off the tablet on March 3rd. That date lines up with a certain Mobile World Congress taking place at the time where a bunch of other manufacturers will also be showing off their upcoming products.

Sony reportedly let the information slip into the official Xperia Lounge app, which XperiaBlog has shown off in a screenshot.


The company has already pulled the information, but it's too late to keep the date under wraps.

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Pebble Leaks Image Of New Smartwatch With Color Display One Day Before Announcement

Pebble's website is currently home to a big countdown clock that is tracking the hours between now and 10AM EST tomorrow, February 24th. At that time, the company is expected to unveil information about new hardware and software.

Today we've caught a glimpse of both. The company briefly hosted this image on its servers before taking it back down.


The image shows a black, rounder Pebble with a color display. The four buttons used to navigate the on-screen interface—one on the left and three on the right—remain present on this updated model. 9to5Mac reports that the device will be thinner and come with a completely redesigned software experience, a Cortex M4 processor, and a 6-axis gyroscrope.

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HTC One M9 Details, Images Appear To Have Surfaced Early In Cyberport Listings

With just a week until we can expect to formally meet HTC's next flagship, we're already feeling like old friends of the device. We've seen it purportedly leaked six ways to Sunday, and if today's materials are to be believed, it looks like some of those leaks ended up being right. The HTC One M9 appears to have surfaced on with copious renders and full specifications. First, let's have a look at the specs.


Display 5" 1080p
Rear camera 20MP
Front-facing camera 4MP Ultrapixel
Storage 32GB expandable to 128GB with microSD
Processor 2GHz Octa-core
Battery 2900mAh
Dimensions 144.6mm x 69.7mm x 9.61mm
OS Android 5.0 Lollipop with Sense 7

Now for the images.

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