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All But Confirmed - Google Hangouts 1.3 Screenshots Suggest SMS/MMS Integration; Video Sharing Capabilities Coming Too

Several days ago, I started a series of rumor posts on my personal Google+ account discussing some Android rumors I felt were interesting enough to share, but didn't feel confident enough yet to do so here on the site. The posts were heavily prefixed with disclaimers that none of them may turn out to be true but that I had a certain level of confidence to talk about them in public unofficially.

After posting rumor #3 (the one that everyone got seriously excited about), I was able to get a second confirmation and now have enough confidence to promote it from Google+ to Android Police.

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Purported Service Manual Gives A Look At The Next Nexus Phone, Reveals 32GB Storage, 8MP OIS Camera, Photos, And More

Courtesy of an anonymous tipster, we've got a nice weekend treat for those caught up in Nexus season rumor hysteria. A document, purported to be an internal Service Manual for the LG-D821 and posted to scribd, gives us an in-depth look at the next Nexus phone.

There's a lot of technical information, flow charts, diagrams, and photos of silicon here, but there are a few things worth picking out before you dive into the full document.

First, we now have a new look at the device, with the document including line drawings and disassembly photos.

Update 10/6/13 8am PT: The manual and images from it have been taken down at LG's request.

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Images Of An Early KitKat Build (Then KLP) Surface, Show Off A Few Upcoming Features Of Android 4.4

We all know Android 4.4 is coming. There's a chance we could see it this month, perhaps with a new Nexus phone, but there's really nothing concrete to back that right now – it's just the rumor mill whirring as it so often does. Of course, as new versions of Android get closer to being finalized and released, the leaks become more common, and oftentimes larger in terms of the information provided. Take today's look at KitKat/KLP, for example.


Gadget blog Gadget Helpline got itself a nice little hands-on with an old build of Android 4.4 and exposed some of the probable upcoming features.

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Republic Wireless May Launch The Motorola DVX, A Low-Cost Moto X Alternative, In October

Republic Wireless got some well-deserved headlines last week when they announced that they would start selling the nearly brand-new Moto X on its hybrid mobile-WiFi network for $300 unsubsidized. But if that's still too expensive for you, it looks like the company intends to offer an even cheaper option, the Motorola DVX. A leaked slide for the wireless roadmap of (Republic's parent company) shows the phone coming out sometime in October.


The photo above was posted to the company Flickr stream this weekend, clearly showing the release of the Moto X on Republic, a price drop on the DEFY XT (the company's primary phone so far) coming up Thursday, and the Motorola DVX releasing on a "TBD" date in October.

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Leaked Screenshot Indicates That Republic Wireless Will Sell The Moto X For $299 Off Contract

Ever since Republic Wireless started its unconventional carrier experiment, there's been one common cry of lament among those who want to use it: "where are the good phones?" Republic's hybrid 3G-WiFi system requires some customized hardware, which means that new phones are few and far between for the unlimited, cheap-as-dirt Sprint MVNO. If you wanted an excuse to try out the service, here you go: a screenshot taken by Reddit user imaliamatoo indicates that the Moto X is coming to Republic.


And that's not all. According to a brief preview in the search results, the Moto X will be sold for $299 unsubsidized (if not exactly unlocked, since it probably won't work with other carriers).

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ASUS Tipped As Next Nexus 10 Manufacturer Again, This Time By PCWorld Inventory System

Last month,'s Russell Holly reported that ASUS would be crafting the next-generation Nexus 10 rather than Samsung, the manufacturer who brought us the first iteration of Google's ten-inch tablet.

The report was followed quickly by the rolling back of WSJ's Amir Efrati's previous statements, and relied on "multiple sources," among them a screenshot from Best Buy's internal inventory system.

Today the claim was given a bit more credence, with a PCWorld inventory screen snapped by PCWorld employee @Rage06 surfacing on Twitter.


Some of you may remember that @Rage06 (handle RaY) came forward with pricing and PCWorld availability for the 32GB Nexus 7 last year that ended up being correct.

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Alleged Sony Xperia Z1 Press Release And Specs Leaked Ahead Of Tomorrow's Announcement

Just yesterday we shared leaked photos of the upcoming but unannounced Sony Xperia Z1, otherwise known as the Honami. The folks at XperiaBlog shared a collection of official rendered press photos, and now they've got their hands on a full press release and specs ahead of tomorrow's planned unveil at IFA. Altogether, it's nine pages of material reminding us that Sony's successor to last year's Xperia Z flagship should be quite the impressive piece of tech.

Sony1 Sony2 Sony3

Sony4 Sony5 Sony6

Sony7 Sony8 Sony9

It's a lot to sift through, so if you're not interested in skimming through all the nitty-gritty yourself, here's what's interesting, including a few things we already knew.

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Sony Honami (Xperia Z1) Press Renders Leak Ahead Of Official Announcement On September 4th

Say whatever you like about Sony, but it's hard to deny that their high-end phones look great. Case in point: the unannounced Honami, which is almost certainly the successor to last year's Xperia Z flagship. The folks at XperiaBlog got their hands on a collection of official rendered press photos, and this thing looks fantastic.

Sony-Xperia-Z1_1 Sony-Xperia-Z1_3 Sony-Xperia-Z1_2

The Honami was previously reported as having the retail title of "Xperia i1," but now it's going by "Xperia Z1." Whether this is a mix-up form a previous leak or a different model for a different region is still up in the air.

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Photo Of Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Leaked, Complete With Ridiculous Physical Nav Buttons

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 is due for a refresh along with its smartphone cousin. If you've been waiting for a high-end Samsung tablet (or just a tablet that's considerably larger than the current 10-inch breed), the folks at Korean site MovePlayer may have spotted it. A single photo of a hitherto unseen Galaxy Note 12.2 bearing the obviously huge screen and Samsung's increasingly ridiculous physical Home button was leaked earlier today.


According to the leak, the newest Galaxy Note's 12.2" screen uses a 2560x1600 panel, which seems to be the de-facto standard for high-end Android tablets at 10" or larger.

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The Galaxy Gear In Photos – Leaked Images Show Large Frame, Built-In Camera (Updated)

Update: According to GigaOm, today's Galaxy Gear images are definitely of a prototype, as VentureBeat speculated could be the case earlier. Additionally, GigaOm's sources indicate that the watch will be running Android 4.3 with Bluetooth LE connectivity, a dual-core 1.5GHz Exynos 4212 processor (with Mali-400 MP4 GPU), and the ability to make phone calls. Our original post follows below.

We're looking forward to getting a glimpse of the Galaxy Gear, Samsung's rumored smart watch, expected for an IFA reveal. As is often the case though, we've got a bit of a pre-release treat. VentureBeat's Christina Farr got an introduction to the watch (or at least a prototype unit), and describes its less-than-svelte physique and a few of its capabilities.

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