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Nokia doesn't have much to do with Android, but it does make those super-cheap Android devices with the wonky interface and no Google services. That's not the extent of Nokia's Android ambitions, though. There's a new launcher from the company called Z Launcher, and you can try it right now. Make no mistake – it's basic, but kind of neat.


Your phone probably has a lot of stuff on it, right? Terrain Launcher (funded by Samsung Accelerate) claims it helps you stay organized like no other launcher. A dubious claim perhaps, but early reviews are positive. Terrain focuses on three features: a sidebar, universal search, and an enhanced app drawer.


We've got more choices than ever when it comes to launchers, including Google's own search-infused option. The top third-party launchers have been mostly the same for the last year or two, but Inspire Launcher is a head-turning new option. It's based on the stock Android 4.4 launcher, but it has a GNL vibe with bright colors and some neat features.


Google has pushed out an update to the Google Search app, which now means there's also an update to the Google Experience Launcher. We've got the APK for you to install below, and this is looking like a substantial update – it looks like the new (and probably official) name for the Google Experience Launcher is Google Now Launcher.

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Action Launcher is one of the more distinct alternative home screens for Android. Instead of grafting new abilities on a standard launcher setup, the developer has created some innovative features that change how you use apps and widgets. Version 2.0 is just out and it's adding even more goodies.


Google finally unveiled KitKat last week, but you may have noticed something was missing. Yes, there was no news on the so-called Google Experience Launcher. Earlier leaks led us to suspect that Google's homescreen experience was coming to more Android devices, but the big day came and went with no mention. Recent revelations about how the Android 4.4 homescreen works breathe new life into the possibility of a more Googley experience for all.


Action Launcher is one of the more interesting home screen replacements out there, and it's getting better with a big update to version 1.9 today. There are a few new features, but the app has also gotten a plethora of bug fixes and optimizations that should make it faster and more stable.


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Look, we all love skeuomorphism. Without reservation, I will admit to drooling over digital interfaces made entirely of green felt and leather stitching. That's why this Android launcher is just so darn good. 3D Home turns your home screen into a room. Everything you use on your phone becomes an object in this room – a digital recreation of a real world item. Clearly, you must have this immediately. Lucky you, it's free.


Go Launcher EX is one of the most popular alternative launchers in Google Play, and it's completely free. Everyone has been wondering how the Go Team was planning to make some cash on their rousing success, and now we know. The new GO Launcher Prime app adds additional features to the existing Go Launcher for $5.99.

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Action Launcher doesn't just tweak the Android home screen paradigm like most other launchers do – it creates new features that change the experience. It was already one of the more interesting launchers in Google Play, but it was lacking some features. Each update fills in the gaps more, and this is a big one.

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Among the most notable additions in v1.8 is the option to configure the home screen grid size.