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It's Official: Samsung Captivate Froyo Update Now Available Through Kies Mini

It looks like the Captivate is the next domino to fall, much as expected: AT&T just confirmed via twitter that the Froyo update is now available for Captivate owners through Kies Mini. Similarly, that support page we stumbled upon last week before being pulled has gone back up, and it looks just like it did then.


Obviously as the update is done through Kies Mini, you'll need that to start. Once you've got Kies all ready to go, you need to do a minor amount of jiggering to get the update installed. Not quite as easy as most OTAs, but nothing too strenuous either.

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Samsung UK Says Froyo Update Now Available For All UK Networks

Fresh off the presses (read: Twitter), @SamsungUK has just tweeted saying that Android 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S "on all networks." As this is SamsungUK,I'm guessing that means in the UK only, but I've tweeted back asking for clarification just in case - although whether I hear anything back is dubious at best. Regardless, I'll post here once we have some clarification. It looks like the update will have to be applied manually, through Samsung's KIES software.


To anyone unfamiliar with the situation, this update has been a long time coming after having been delayed a few times - which would explain why people were fairly pissed.

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T-Mobile UK's Samsung Galaxy S Now Receiving Froyo Update Over The Air, T-Mobile US Still Sleeping At The Wheel


While Galaxy S owners here in the States are still (im)patiently awaiting the update to Android 2.2, it looks like users on T-Mobile UK's network are already enjoying the wonders of Froyo. Yes, the update that was initially scheduled for September is only now rolling out.

Luckily, T-Mobile's European brother has (slightly) sweetened the deal with a nice twist - although the update was originally supposed to be made available exclusively through Samsung's Kies software for Windows-based PCs, the carrier has seen fit to add an OTA version into the mix. That doesn't mean Kies has been completely left out of the fun, though - if "reasons out of our [T-Mobile's] control" interfere with the OTA update, users can still hook their phones up to their (Windows-based) computers, start up Kies, and download the update in the same manner most other European carriers are having users do.

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Samsung Vibrant GPS Fix Through Kies Has Known Issues, T-Mobile Urges Customers To Avoid It


If you just can't wait one more day for a GPS fix for your Samsung Vibrant... you're out of luck, because the recent update through Samsung's sync app Kies, which was supposed to fix all GPS issues, is raising problems of its own, according to T-Mobile.


No word on what the new issues actually are, but hopefully T-Mobile delivers an OTA update "soon" like they've promised. Of course, if they don't, there's always the simpler solution of hacking.

Source: Twitter via Talk Android

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T-Mobile UK Confirms Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Update Will Roll Out Before The End Of September, Will Be Windows Only

T-Mobile UK is on a roll - HTC Desire Froyo update has been rolling out for a few days now, and today a mod at the same official T-Mo forum confirmed that a whole truckload of frozen goodness is coming to the Galaxy S owners as well:

Hi there,

We are pleased to announce that there will be a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S at the end of the month. This will update your phone software to Android 2.2 and will be available through the Samsung Kies PC application.

Forum Team

If you rewind your memory to the end of July, you may remember this tweet by SamsungMobileUK promising an end of September Froyo for all Galaxy S handsets:


Very nice to see at least 1 network is coordinated enough to follow up on the promise.

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