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The OnePlus 2 Is Available For Purchase Without An Invite In The US And Canada Until 2PM Pacific

OnePlus started selling the OnePlus 2 a few months ago, but "selling" is a charitable way to put it. You needed an invite to get the device, and those weren't easy to come by. Today you can get it sans invite if you act fast. Buying a smartphone without an invite? How very novel. Other companies should try this.

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Regular Mortals Using Google's Inbox Can Now Invite Three Friends To The Service

Good news! Those lucky individuals who are already using Inbox by Gmail, Google's latest comprehensive reimagining of email, are now able to invite three people to the service, just by hitting (or hovering over) the compose button (which Google calls "speed dial"). It's not clear if every user has received their allotment of three invites just yet, but Google says everyone can expect to get three invites "soon."


If you're not already using Inbox but want to give it a try, it's time to cross your fingers or begin badgering Inboxer friends for an invite.

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Google Adds Invites To Google Music Beta - Time To Invite Your Music-Hungry Friends (U.S. Only For Now While In Beta)

Google Music beta, previously available by invitation only from Google, is opening up its doors a bit starting today with the rollout of invite capabilities.

There aren't many yet - I and everyone else I've seen who have gotten invites, received 2 to hand out, so if you're already a member, log into your Music account, check how many you were granted, and start a bidding war among your friends (fall back to a sword duel in case of disputes).

Note: The beta is available in U.S. only, as evident from the screenshot below.

image image

If you're wondering whether you should care about Google Music (which is available free while in beta) at all, considering we now have Amazon Cloud, Spotify, mSpot, and other services, check out these articles:

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Google Rolling Out Music Beta Invites To Verizon XOOM Owners

When Google announced its highly anticipated Music beta service at I/O last week, we were told that, aside from I/O attendees, Verizon XOOM owners would be among the first to get to use the service. Holding true to that, Google has officially started sending out the invites this morning.


As far as we know, this is exclusive to Verizon customers right now, with no word when owners of other models (or other devices) can expect to get the invite (aside from attendees with their Galaxy Tab 10.1's).

Have any of you received your invite yet? Drop us a line when you do and let us know how you feel about the service.

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