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Evernote And Google Drive Learn How To Play Along

Evernote and Google Drive aren't exactly competing services, but they're similar. Both are places you go to vomit out notes and other documents worth remembering. Now the two are working together.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 16 Connects To Your Dropbox Account To View And Edit Files

The PDF format is a common and open standard that works with many programs, but many people still turn to Acrobat Reader when the time comes to open a document. Adobe has given such folks another reason to keep the app around. Reader now integrates with Dropbox accounts.

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Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Share Songs Via Spotify

Hey, listen to this. Sharing music over Facebook Messenger has become simpler for Spotify subscribers. Now users have the option to share songs and playlists directly inside the app.

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Lyft Is Making Waze The Default Navigation Guide For Drivers, Has Other Integration En Route

Lyft and Waze are both Android apps focused on getting you from one place to another. The former hooks you up with a driver who drops you off where you need to be. The latter is a navigation app that tells drivers how to get there. Now the two are becoming good friends.

Soon Waze will become the default navigation app for drivers, which Lyft hopes will lead to faster routes. Drivers will see a "Return to Lyft" button inside the Waze app that opens Lyft. This will enable faster switching between the two.

As for riders, Lyft can now update a driver's route in real-time within Waze.

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Sonos 5.5 Update Delivers Spotify Radio Integration

Do you love music enough to pay for a Spotify account? Did you also buy a set of Sonos speakers? Have you been upset that you haven't been able to use the former's Radio feature on the latter?

No, this isn't the introduction to an As Seen On TV product. But things in your life are still about to change for the better, and no, you don't have to act now. Well, okay, you technically have to make sure your software updates. Version 5.5 of the Sonos app adds support for Spotify Radio features such as starting a playlist based on a particular artist or track.

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New IFTTT Channel Adds Spotify Integration To Enhance How You Use Your Online Music Library

IFTTT's web service can automate your life. You create recipes that do what you want done using simple if this then that commands. But to get cooking, you need to have on the right channel.

Today IFTTT has announced a new Spotify channel that lets you integrate your music library. Examples of what you can do include automatically posting to your social network accounts whenever you add a song to a playlist and emailing yourself a summary of all the tracks you save over the course of a week.

If your home is particularly smart, you can set your Philips HUE lights to match the album art of your most recently saved track.

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Endomondo Update Brings MyFitnessPal And Google Fit Integration

Five months ago, Under Armour purchased both Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. Now the former is learning how to play along with the latter. In Endomondo version 11.2.1, users can access their MyFitnessPal information without leaving the app.

This update isn't just for the nutrition-minded among us. It also adds the ability to integrate your account with Google Fit. This way you can take workout data collected in Endomondo and share it with Google.

Endomondo2 Endomondo1

I hope this news was worth taking a pause in your workout. Feel free to check out the changelog before hitting play on your music app and returning back to your sweat-inducing routine.

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Sony And IFTTT Want To Automate Your Life With New Lifelog Channel

IF This Then That, or IFTTT for short, lets you automate the way products and services interact with one another. Want to receive an email every time your camera uploads an image to Dropbox? Go right ahead. Want to adjust the thermostat when your car nears the home? You can do that too.

Now Sony and IFTTT have worked together to produce a new channel using the Lifelog API. The channel lets you integrate the activity tracking you've done from a SmartBand or the Sony app with other services to accomplish all sorts of things. Some of the examples provided include posting a Facebook status every time you take a certain amount of steps, automatically sharing calories burned to Google Drive, and receiving an email summary of your daily Lifelog activity.

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Google Announces Support For 70 More Third-Party Apps In Google Now


Back in January, Google announced initial support for forty third-party apps (including Runtastic, Zillow, Waze, and more) hooking into Google Now. Even if Google limited participation to hand-picked partners, the news was exciting - it marked Google's first publicly visible steps toward opening Now to users' favorite apps in ways that developers could control.

Google is still keeping details about developer participation close, but today 70 new apps have been added to the Google Now roster.

spotifyhighres zipcarmockhighres

Added to the list are apps like Circa News, Sleep as Android, Komoot, and Wunderlist. From Google's blog:

Here are a few other ways Now cards from your apps can help you out:

  • Get breaking news about the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake from ABC News, Circa, or feedly
  • Know when your pad thai is about to arrive with reminders from Eat24 that the food you ordered will soon be on your doorstep, or get inspired with the recipe of the day from Allrecipes
  • Keep your fitness goals front and center with gentle nudges from Runkeeper, Jawbone, or Adidas
  • And if you’re out to dinner, simply tap on a Now card to pay your bill with OpenTable

Check out the full list of app integrations (including apps that can pull info from Gmail) or read Google's full post below.

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Microsoft Office Online Now Lets You Open, Edit, And Save Documents In Dropbox

Despite the existence of OneDrive, Microsoft and Dropbox are friends now. The Redmond-based company knows where you're saving your stuff, and it wants you using its office suite regardless. It's business.

So Microsoft and Dropbox have announced the next level of integration for their mutual products. Office Online will now let you open a file straight from Dropbox, edit it, and save it back. This is the kind of seamless experience that came to Android towards the end of last year.



This is all part of Microsoft's continued strategy to integrate Office with whatever platforms and cloud storage providers it can get its hands on.

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