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Instagram For Android Hits Version 4.1, Expands Video Support To Ice Cream Sandwich And Introduces Video Importing

Instragram made the jump to the big 4.0 back in June, introducing the ability to record video clips over twice as long as those made using Vine. There was a catch, though. While many Android devices could playback video, only those running Jelly Bean could capture it. With the update rolling out today, handsets running Ice Cream Sandwich will also get to feel the love. And as any Instagram user would expect, these videos are just as susceptible to filters and frames as the photos the service is known for.

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Instagram Announces Video, Lets Users Record 15-Second Clips And Apply Video-Specific Filters

Short-length videos are quickly becoming the new picture thanks to services like Vine, so it only makes sense that Instagram would also want to get in on the action. Today, the now Facebook-owned company announced videos for Instagram, a new feature that will let users capture up to 15 second clips (almost thrice the length of Vine's capture window).

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As all Instagram users have come to expect, the feature will also include filters – 13 new, exclusive-for-video filters, to be exact.

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