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Google Play Services 6.5 Spruces Up Android's System Update Screen Too

Google Play Services version 6.5 began rolling out to users a few days ago, and as we work on an APK teardown to see what's under the hood, it looks like there's at least one more user-facing change in the update. Specifically, Android's system update screen is prettier.

The screen which, until now, consisted of the same drab title, horizontal break, "last checked" text, and "check now" button, has been granted a better design treatment. There's a new header image, new colors, and refined typography, along with a flat text button, per Google's design spec.

Screenshot_2014-11-20-19-15-32 Screenshot_2014-11-20-15-50-14

before and after

The functionality of the system updates screen may still resemble the button on a crosswalk signal, but it at least looks better.

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Google Continues To Make The Extravagant Mundane, Allows You To Explore Everest, Kilimanjaro On Your Phone With Google Maps

Have you ever wanted to scale a giant mountain? It's a really cool thing to do that challenges you to reach your peak physical condition, invest heavily in gear, and the payoff is joining a tiny percentage of the population that can say they've seen the world from one of its highest points. Or you could just go to Google Maps, now that the company has added images taken from the peaks of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

The company sent several of its engineers to scale some of the highest mountains in the world and bring back Street View (can we really even call it that at this point?) data that you can now explore.

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