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Flickr 4.0 Introduces Auto-Uploadr (For Photos And Videos), Camera Roll, A New Look, And More

Magically uploading every photo you take on your phone isn't a new feature these days. The major cloud storage providers all prompt you to fill their servers with shots of your lunches, vacations, and nudes. Now you can add Flickr to the list with the release of version 4.0.

Except this isn't actually the first time Flickr has announced the new feature for Android. The feature originally known as Auto Sync is now named the Auto-Uploadr (those pesky e's).

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ImageShack Releases Skypath For Android, An Automatic Cloud Backup Tool For Your Photos

Cloud backups are a dime a dozen these days, and if you use Dropbox, you already have access to its Camera Upload feature to instantly transfer your images. Still, if you prefer ImageShack for all your photo hosting needs, then Skypath is an app for you.

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Holy notifications, Batman.

Basically, it allows you to upload all of your pictures to ImageShack, effectively creating a backup of said imagines in the cloud.

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