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[CES 2013] Hands-On With The Ginormous Huawei Ascend Mate (Video)

Do you think phones should be even bigger? Good news: so does Huawei. You've probably already heard about the Mate, but we got a little hands-on time before the show floor opened last night at CES Digital Experience, and, well, it's big. Really big. And yes, we put it next to a Note II to show you just how mind-bogglingly large it is.

Note: there's some artifacting near the end of the video. Sorry about that!

As far as initial impressions, the device runs Android 4.1 with Huawei's light UI overlay quite smoothly. This is the second phone to date to use Huawei's in-house quad-core KVM processor, which is paired (interestingly) with an Intel modem (GSM 3G only).

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Huawei Set To Announce A 6.1" 1080p Phone At CES, Because Bigger Is Always Better–Right?

Every time I pick up my Nexus 7, I think to myself "you know, if this were 0.9 inches smaller, I'd definitely use it as a phone." Because there's no possible way I'd look even remotely silly holding something that large up to my head, right?

OK, that may be true about me personally, but it seems someone at Huawei had a similar train of thought, as the company is set to unveil a monstrous 6.1" 1080p phone known as the Ascend Mate at CES. Turns out Huawei CEO Richard Yu was just too damn excited to wait, as he pulled this upcoming behemoth out in front of everyone at a Huawei store on Saturday.

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