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[New App] BrightNest Offers Customized Suggestions For Home And Garden Upkeep

I'm a twenty-something bachelor, so if you were to assume that my homemaking skills are somewhat lacking, I probably wouldn't bother to chide you for stereotyping. If I cared enough about such things (or owned a house), I might look into BrightNest, a subsidy of Angie's List that's focused on giving you tips for keeping your living place in tip top shape. The popular website just launched an Android app to compliment its online tips and tricks.

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WigWag "If This Then That" Intelligent Sensor Completes Kickstarter Campaign With 9x Its Funding Goal

Like many digital innovations, WigWag occupies the space between facilitating necessary evolution and being a lazy person's wet dream. It's an "If This Then That" intelligent environment-building sensor that reached its funding goal a month ago, already achieving twice the funds the team asked for. Now the campaign has ended, with WigWag acquiring nine times more than its $50,000 ambition.

WigWag3 WigWag5


What's all the excitement about? The WigWag is a sensor that empowers users to write their own rules for how their homes should function.

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Redbeacon For Android Helps You Find The Right Home Improvement Professional For Any Job You Need Done

Maybe you're looking for a pro to fix up some odds-and-ends things around house. Maybe you some painting done. Or perhaps you're in desperate need of a landscaper. No matter what your home improvement quandary is, there's someone out there who will gladly accept your money to perform said activity. The problem is, though, finding the right person for the job.

Fear not, oh unskilled one - you can now use the power of your smartphone to find just such a person, thanks to the new Redbeacon app.

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Lowe's Has An App Now, Allows You To Create Supplies Lists, Read Reviews, Or Have Items Delivered To Your Home

These days, you're not anybody if you don't have an app. Now, Lowe's is somebody. The home improvement warehouse has launched a mobile app that allows you to search for store locations, items, read reviews on products, manage your Lowe's card, and even have some products shipped to you.

lowes1 lowes2 lowes3

The app is packed with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a retail app, including a barcode scanner and the ability to check inventory at the stores nearest you.

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