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Microsoft Word, Excel, And PowerPoint For Android Updated With 'Tell Me' Helper And A Few Other Tweaks

Have you ever wished that your complex word processing software had a simple search function to let you know where the hell it put the word count? It does, and it's called Google. But say you don't want to pop out to another program to do so. That's the idea behind "Tell Me," a feature introduced into the latest versions of Microsoft's various Office programs. It's essentially just a search box with a few predictive tricks to help users find some of the less obvious features. Today it comes to the Android versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Google+ 5.5 Comes With A Built-In Help Center [APK Download]

Version 5.5 of Google+ is straightforward. About as straightforward as it gets, really. So let's just get to it.

What's New

When you select the help option at the bottom of the drop-down menu, the app will no longer shoot you out to a help page tucked inside a web browser. Now you can view that same content directly inside the app. The posts won't look drastically different, but at least Google+ will stop passing you around like a basketball downcourt.

Google+1 Google+2

Left: old, Right: new.

As you may have noticed, the top level topics aren't the same on the Google Help website as those that appear inside the app.

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Google Play Support Pages Now Include Author Information And Expanded Feedback

All of the writers and editors at Android Police are huge fans of Android and Google; it's more or less a requirement for the job. But we're also keenly aware of the things that Google does poorly, and duty-bound to point them out in the hope that they will improve. One of the more obvious areas where Google doesn't excel is customer support, but one of the latest changes to the site seems like a nice step forward.


Pages specifically related to the Play Store now include a user-facing profile of the technical writer who created them. This isn't an author profile like you'll see on a journalistic website: it's anonymized with first names only and an avatar made in the style of Androidify.

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Google Offers Live Video Helpouts Sessions For Would-Be Nexus And Chromebook Buyers On The Play Store

If you're a regular Android Police reader, you probably don't need any "sales assistance" when picking out a new phone, tablet, or laptop - pretty much everything you could want to know is just a web search away. But some people appreciate the personal touch, which is why those guys in the blue shirts at Best Buy still have jobs. To help out these sorts of shoppers, Google is offering live video chat assistance for hardware shoppers on the Play Store.


Image credit: TechCrunch

The new service leverages Google's own Helpouts service (an instruction and assistance portion of video Hangouts) and the infrastructure of the Play Store.

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Google's Official Android Wear Forum Is Now Open And Ready For Questions

In case you missed it, the official help forum for Android Wear has gone live. There are many places to go online to get help with using your new smartwatch, but this Google Group is the place the company would probably prefer you go. It's also a location where you have a reasonable chance of getting an answer. We try to answer many of the questions that you pitch to us in the comments, but we don't see everything.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 at 9.43.05 AM

This forum isn't just a place for newbies. If you're an expert or at least reasonably informed, you can take to the site to answer questions and help one another out. A forum is only as good as the people who frequent it, and we would love to see this turn into a valuable resource.

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Break Media Launches GameFront, Provides Video Walkthroughs On Your Android Device

When I was younger, video game tips came in one of two forms: a Nintendo hotline that you could call to get someone to walk you through the game, or you could find a written guide in one giant doc with some kind of ASCII art at the top. You kids today get all the nice stuff. Like video walkthroughs delivered directly to your phone or tablet via Break Media's new GameFront app.

gamefront1 gamefront2 gamefront3

The app is completely free and has access to tons of videos covering a variety of games for various platforms. The walkthroughs are curated, so it's not just a random assortment of links to YouTube clips.

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[Open Letter] Please Help Yourself To Helping Yourself - Why Google Needs To Rethink The Concept Of Developer Support

The following is a guest post and an open letter to Google from Simply Applied, the makers of apps Sign and CritiCall. It was written by Chris H and Peter V, the developers on the Simply Applied team.


To put it plainly, Google’s Developer Support is awful. It’s entirely faceless, avoiding human contact like a recluse living under Uluru in the Australian Outback – its almost enough to long for the days of, “Press 1 for Billing” phone menus. “Developer Support” relies almost entirely on you helping yourself and if something goes wrong in the process you’re forced into a near insanity-inducing endless cycle of self-help.

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[In Response To Your Concerns] Google Voice + Sprint Integration Questions and Answers

A few days ago I posted about my experience with the Google Voice integration with Sprint and outlined exactly how I did it. In the comments section, you guys responded with a lot of good thoughts and, in some cases, some serious bugs and questions. I have done a little bit of research, some testing, and some drinking (just kidding. Kind of), and I have some answers and responses for you upstanding, early-adopting citizens.

The Questions

1.How will this affect my MMS?

This was actually the main reason I chose to integrate my Sprint and Google Voice accounts. The short answer is this: If you want to use your Google Voice number in place of your Sprint number, you'll have to have people send MMS messages to your Sprint number.

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4 Free StarCraft II Android Apps That Will Help You Achieve A GG

I have loved StarCraft ever since the first version came out back in 1999. I've played it for 10 years, and this year excitedly watched, with all of you, the unveiling of both the beta and final versions (hey, we even got our cool Twitter background thanks to Starcraft II).

While you can't play StarCraft II on your phone, there is a variety of applications on the Android Market aimed at providing stats and other information that should help you be on the winning side of "gg" at the end of the game. Let's take a look at the best of them.

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Android Forum Roundup: Where Do You Go For Android Help And Discussion? Vote For Your Favorites

Where do you go when you have an Android related problem? Where do you hang out on a rainy day? Where does a good percentage of Android news originate from?

I'm talking about Android forums. Today, inspired by this reddit post, I wanted to highlight some of them and provide a list for people looking to ask questions, start an Android related conversation, report a problem, or just become part of another community (of course, you should always be close to Android Police by following us on twitter at @AndroidPolice and keeping up with the RSS feed).

Android Forums



Howard forums:

AndroidCentral forums:

AndroidCommunity forums:

Dev/ROM Oriented


MoDaCo forums:

Samsung devs:

Device Specific

Droid Forums:, though they also have non-Droid sections

NexusOne Forum:

Carrier Specific


Sprint Users: forums:



T-Mobile forums:


Where do you go hang out when you need help?

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