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Massively Delayed Recon Jet Heads-Up Display Is Finally Shipping On March 30th

Google is currently re-tooling Google Glass, but that other Android-powered face computer is finally shipping pre-orders that were placed back in 2013. The Recon Jet is expected to leave the warehouse on March 30th. To make up for the delay, the company is including a free spare battery and clear lenses in addition to the standard gray ones.


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Sony Goes Deeper Into Wearables With A Google Glass-Style Heads Up Display

Google Glass still isn't lighting up the world almost two years after release, but it looks like at least one major electronics corporation has taken notice. Sony's primary production division announced its new Single-Lens Display Module today. It's a wearable device that's remarkably similar to Glass in basic structure, with the major difference being that it can be attached to any normal pair of glasses or sunglasses.


Don't pull out your wallet just yet.

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Google Outs "Project Glass" Google Glasses Prototypes, Wants Your Input On How Your Face Is Going To Look In The Future

They may not be available for sale yet, but Google would like you to know that the future is coming. Dubbed "Project Glass", Google has released some photos of what the now-confirmed Google Glasses might look like when released, alongside a video demonstrating how the UI might work. It's all just show and no tell right now, but it's enough to whet our appetite.

It's not quite enough, though, to allay our reservations.

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