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Yarn Is The Latest And Possibly Best Hacker News Client To Unroll On The Play Store

Hacker News, I've been told, is where cool programmers and entrepreneurs go hang out if they enjoy a slightly more elitist crowd than Reddit. And by its mere target demography, Hacker News was bound to have many developers rushing to make a native Android application to peruse the site — you can see how many clients are out there if you simply search for the terms "Hacker News" on the Play Store. Yarn is the latest arrival, and it may just be one of the best yet if you trust Artem's judgement (which I do).

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[New App] Got An Android Tablet? Like YCombinator's Hacker News? Grab The Excellent HackNewsBot For Honeycomb Tablets

I'm a huge fan of 2 community news sites - Reddit and the more technical/nerdy Hacker News by YCombinator. The former has a few tablet apps but Android users haven't had as much luck with Hacker News apps for tablets. The website, while fast and looking just fine in the browser, is far from optimal for those using a touch interface with its tiny links to discussions and buttons.

Enter the new HackNewsBot app by Jason Ostrander, designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets.

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