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Google Voice Widgets Break Out Of G2's Deathgrip, Now Available In The Market

To nobody's surprise, the G2, announced this morning, features a Google Voice widget.

What may be surprising is that there are not one, but two of these widgets: a widget that shows the messages you have in your inbox:

as well as the same widget for managing your Voice settings that was leaked a few weeks ago:

What may be an even bigger surprise is that Google has now made both of these widgets available to non-G2 devices through the Android Market. The widgets are available today via an update to the existing Google Voice app and allow users to:

  • See messages in their inbox (Inbox Widget)
  • Open the full Google Voice app by clicking the Google Voice icon (both widgets)
  • Compose and send text messages (Settings Widget)
  • Change dialing preferences (Settings)
  • Enter "Do Not Disturb" mode to send calls straight to Voicemail (Settings)
  • See credit balance (Settings)

Google Voice has always been a great service (and certainly one that I and other members of the Android Police team use on a daily basis), and it looks like it just got quite a bit better for owners of just about any Android device.

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T-Mobile G2 To Take "With Google" To The Next Level Thanks To Google Voice Widget

The crafty folks over at Droid Dog have just unearthed another secret buried deep in the G2's source code: a Google Voice widget.

They claim that it looks a lot like this:

and displays the amount of money in your Google Voice account, a compose message button, settings for Voice, a button for quick access to your inbox, and a button to turn Voice off.

Droid Dog is also reporting that the G2 will come with "just about every Google app available for Android," right out of the box. Then again, it's always better to have Google Translate pre-installed on your phone than AT&T Navigator (you know, that useless navigator that comes with all AT&T Android phones and essentially duplicates Google Navigator's functionality), right?

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