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Google's Santa Tracker Is Back For Another Year With A New Game And More Android Wear Goodies

Sometimes I wonder if Google has an official Department of Whimsy where things like the never-ending doodles, Android mascots, and Santa Tracker are studiously maintained (and the inbox still overflows from bitter Google Reader fans). If so, then the DoW's biggest yearly project has just begun with the timely update to the Google Santa Tracker app. The latest version is now available for Android phones, tablets, and Android TV devices, complete with all kinds of kid-friendly goodies.

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[Ho Ho Ho] This Year's Google Santa Tracker App Flies Into The Play Store Bearing Mini-Games And Chromecast Support

Santa Claus is one of the few people on this planet that can be tracked without stirring any moral outrage from anyone, and few are as equipped for the job as Google - after all, the company's been doing this for a while now. This year's version of Google's Santa Tracker has made its way into the Play Store, and you would be wise to grab it before the night of December 24th if you want to know when jolly old St. Nicholas will pay your home a visit.



When you first fire up the app, it presents you with a countdown until Santa's departure time, one that looks largely identical to Google's Santa Tracker website.

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