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Play Movies & TV v3.11 Tells Us How Bundles Will Work With The Family Library [APK Teardown]

The Play Books update from a couple of days ago turned up the first sign of life for the Family Library we've seen since mid-November. At the time, I made a quick prediction that matching strings would pop up fairly soon in Google's other content apps, and Play Movies & TV is the first to follow through. But this wasn't just a mirror image of the same strings, there's actually a bit of new information regarding movies sold as a bundle and seasons of television shows.

In case anybody is curious, this update doesn't have anything in the way of notable new features.

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Play Movies & TV v3.10 Adds Notifications For Price Drops On Your Wishlist And Newly Available Content, Adds Toggle To Shut Off Binge-Watching [APK Download]

Wednesday was packed with an onslaught of app updates, many of which came with at least a few notable features. While a bit on the quiet side, the Play Movies & TV app came with some worthwhile new features of its own. Most of the new features are hidden under the Settings screen, including a toggle to finally shut off binge-watching on phones and tablets and a pair of options to enable notifications for new TV shows and when things on your Wishlist become available or drop in price. There are also a few other subtle differences behind the scenes.

What's New

Here's the official changelog for Play Movies & TV v3.10:

  • Wishlist any movie that's not yet available for purchase and receive notifications when it's available to buy or rent
  • More reliable playback
  • Settings improvements
  • Play Movies & TV channel in Android TV Live Channels app

Disable Binge-Watching

An update back in early October brought binge-watching, which filled in a popular feature for serious TV watchers.

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The Latest SHIELD Android TV Update Adds 4K Support For Photos & Videos App, Better GameStream Performance, And More

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV box has only been available for a few weeks, and it's already getting its over-the-air update. This one improves a handful of the SHIELD's app functions and its accessories. Notably, software build 1.2 enables 4K output in Google's Photos & Videos app, provided of course that you have a 4K TV to view them on. According to the changelog it also improves streaming performance for both Netflix and Google Play Movies.

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[Deal Alert] US Play Store Users Can Get The Transformers Movie For Free Today, Other Movies Free In Other Countries

From time to time Google offers free music and movies via the Play Store. Today is one of those times, because it's the third anniversary of the Play Store launch (and, incidentally, the death of the former Android Market). Customers in the US can get a free Coldplay album, and now they can also grab an HD copy of the Transformers movie for free!

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 2.11.43 PM

No, not the real Transformers movie, the animated one from 1986. Google is giving away 2007 live-action movie, directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBeouf. You know, the one that's held up as one of the worst examples of mindless Hollywood summer blockbusters, its awfulness surpassed only by its even more mindless sequels.

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Sony's Controversial Comedy 'The Interview' Is Now Available To Buy Or Rent On Google Play Movies

If you haven't heard about the infamous hack of Sony Pictures and the subsequent cancellation of its forthcoming comedy The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, then you might just live under a rock... or possibly in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. At the 11th hour Sony decided to release the movie to a small amount of independent theaters on Christmas day, despite threats of violence from hackers, and it's now available on Google Play Movies/YouTube.


The video-on-demand release comes after the vast majority of theaters in the United States and Canada declined to schedule showings of the movie, fearing violence despite a lack of credible evidence that the threat is serious.

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Recent Samsung Owners Can Get The Hunger Games And Catching Fire Movies For Free Through This Lionsgate App

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like dystopian teenagers forced to murder one another. If you have a recently-released Samsung phone or tablet, you can load up a copy of The Hunger Games or its sequel Catching Fire for that long journey home. Just install this app from Lionsgate (only compatible with some devices) and follow the instructions below to get a couple of free movies.

2014-12-21 15.21.12

According to SlickDeals, the free redemption codes are available to owners of the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S4. One Android Police writer managed to redeem both movies on a Galaxy Note 4, so it might be worth a try on other Samsung phones too.

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Roku Players Now Have Access To Google Play Movies & TV Shows, Users Get X-Men Free For Signing In

Roku started making cheap, effective streaming set-top boxes long before Google TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, and Amazon's "I can't believe it's not Chromecast." But before today, users who were smack dab in the middle of Google's universe found a notable hole in Roku's otherwise wide array of content partners: the Play Store's selection of movies and TV shows. In a surprising move on Google's part, a new Play Movies channel has been added to the Roku lineup. You can check it out on any Roku device right now.

25eba5b91e174c33ac3e930eb27fc051 ffbe89bd349c43c9adb3a5801ce39208 c556857cbdb843ef900acce4acc6ecc6

This seems kind of odd, since Google is in the middle of launching Android TV, not to mention the ongoing success of Chromecast, both of which directly compete with Roku's various set-top boxes.

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Nexus 5 Owners, Check Your Google Play Movies & TV App: You Might Have A Free Copy Of 'Gravity' Waiting For You

If you use a Nexus 5, or even if you can just get your hands on one long enough to add your Google account, you might want to investigate the Google Play Movies & TV app. According to posters at Slickdeals and our own devices, owners of the N5 are being treated to a free digital copy of the 2013 astronaut thriller Gravity. Just open the app and tap "add to library," and it's yours to keep and play back on any Android device or browser. It's even being given away in HD.


This does seem oddly limited to the Nexus 5 - we've tried it on other devices, including the OnePlus One, the Nexus 7 2013 running the Android L preview, the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition, and the DROID MAXX, and all of them seem to be offering Shaun The Sheep: The Big Chase instead.

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Google Play Movies & TV Shows 3.4.23 (Android TV) Adds Material Design UI, Live Actor Information Cards For Chromecast Users [APK Download]

We've been digging into some of the apps that come with the latest update for the ADT-1 Android TV device. Interestingly enough, some of these apps work just fine when side-loaded onto standard phones or tablets - it looks like they contain all the standard resources and layouts for both versions of Android. You can check out the changes for Google Play Movies & TV below - there are some notable ones for Chromecast users.

What's New?

Brand New Icon

Like the other Google apps being updated in preparation for Android 5.0, Movies now has a fancy-schmancy Material Design logo.

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Google Play Movies Purchases Now Listed In YouTube For Android

A small change on Google's end has added the option to access your purchased Google Play video content in YouTube. Check out the navigation menu in the YouTube app and the purchases link will now be overflowing with Google Play Movies and TV. Well, maybe not overflowing, but we've all got that free copy of Big, right?

a s

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