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[APK Download] Keep Gets Update Allowing You To Easily Turn Your Notes Into Google Docs

After adding the feature to the web version of Keep in May, Google has updated the Android app to allow users to easily convert their notes into Docs. Sometimes what starts as a stray thought or two that you dump into a note becomes something you want to expand upon. Rather than rewriting or copy and pasting, why not have your notes manager do the heavy lifting for you?

Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-25-54 Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-26-01 Screenshot_2015-08-05-14-26-18

And by easy, I mean easy.

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Latest Google Keep Update Removes FAB, Crams Those Options Onto A Big Bar Instead [APK Download]

When Google unveiled its material design vision for Android 5.0, the changes included a new button that hovers in the bottom right-hand corner of apps. The Floating Action Button, or FAB, has become commonplace in the time since.

But in the latest version of Keep, Google wants you to forget all about it. The FAB is gone. In its place there's now a white bar across the bottom of the screen. This is now where you will go to create a new note, jot down a list, start a voice recording, or take a picture.

Screenshot_2015-07-22-13-48-26 Screenshot_2015-07-22-13-58-45

Left: Old, Right: New

Is this a step forward?

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Inbox 1.8 Is Now Open To Everyone, Adds Swipe To Delete, Signatures, Trip Bundles, And More [APK Download]

Ever since its first release, Inbox by Gmail has been donning more and more features, all priming it for its graduation from an invite-only state to a public release. And that moment is now. Inbox no longer requires an invite for regular Gmail users and Work customers, and has gained a couple of interesting capabilities along the way.

First up, and Hallelujah, you should be able to switch the default action for swiping from marking an email as done to deleting it.

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Google Keep Version 3.1.204 Adds A Map View To The Location Reminder Interface


Google Keep 3.1.18 Improves Wear App With New 'Add Note' Interface And Options To Set Reminders [APK Download]

Google Keep was one of the first apps to add support for the Android Wear platform, giving users a quick, simple, and mostly effortless way to record short notes without reaching for a smartphone. Since then, the main application has seen several updates, but the Wear-specific companion app has gone mostly unchanged. With the latest update, the tables have been turned, and it's time for the Wear app to go through a moderately sizeable refresh.

What's New


In earlier versions of Keep's micro apk, the app only served as a target for voice commands and a way to browse existing notes.

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[Update: Here's How To Get It] Google Keep Note-Sharing Support Is Rolling Out To Users Starting Today [APK Download]

Update: The feature should be live for everyone. To get it, go to Google Keep on the web. You should see this message.


Once you share your first note, the feature will fire up inside the Android app as well.


You don't need the latest version of Keep for this to work, but we're including the latest APK at the bottom of this post regardless.

Google will soon give Keep users the ability to share their notes with friends and family members. How soon? It says the feature will start coming to Android devices today through the Play Store. It may even be a server-side change, one that doesn't require an app update and is already hitting Android devices (but here's the latest update just in case).

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[APK Teardown] Google Search 3.6 Prepares For Notes 'Sent From Your Computer,' Probably Coming Soon

Last week, Google pushed out an update for Google Search, bringing the version number up to 3.6.13. While it added support for deep linking into apps and a few more of the bits to make hands-free operation a little more convenient, most people probably felt like they didn't get too much out of this update. As it turns out, we found one more addition that might interest a few more people. The best part is that it's probably ready to go as soon as Google pulls the trigger!

Sent From Your Computer

Google is preparing to send small scraps of text over the air that will appear in your notification shade for immediate action.

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Google Keep 2.3 Update Adds Support For Android Wear [APK Download]

Update: If you want to flash this new version of Keep, you'll need the latest GMS (Google Play Services) package, released yesterday, as well - you can get it here.

Just one day after Google's expanded introduction of Android Wear at I/O, one of the apps demonstrated in the keynote is being updated to support it. Most of us can't get our hands on the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live until July, but for those who actually attended I/O, and who have one or the other as some awesome swag, the latest update to Google's Keep notation and reminder app will be a welcome one.

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[Neat] As Of The Latest Update, Google Keep Will Let You Resolve Conflicting Edits

Google Keep recently got a pretty big update that includes searchable images, list settings, and lengthened storage time of deleted notes (also, more yellow). Those were essentially the advertised features that came in this update, but one redditor found another cool feature: conflicting edits.

Basically, if you are editing a note on two devices at the same time (or happen to leave it open on one), and save them at different times, Keep will now alert that there's a conflict. For example:

Screenshot_2014-04-04-09-46-58 Screenshot_2014-04-04-09-47-06

The first edit was created on my desktop, which I then opened on my smartphone before saving. I edited it on my smartphone, and upon attempting to save it, was alerted that there were conflicting edits found.

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Google Keep App Gets Major Update - Supports Time / Location-Based Reminders, Adds Slideout Navigation, More Photo Options [Update: APK]

Google announced a big update to Google Keep today, adding a much-needed feature to the nascent note app: time and location-based reminders, powered by Google Now. Nice! You can now select, at the bottom of a note while creating or editing it, to be reminded of that note at a certain time or place. I can already say this is going to get me using Keep a lot more. The reminders can be snoozed or adjusted in the notification bar when they appear, too, which is pretty awesome.

4-nav drawer Picture 1

The new update also adds a slideout navigation bar (yay consistency), and the ability to add photos from your gallery instead of just being limited to snapping one with the camera.

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