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[Another One Bites The Dust] Google Is Ending Support For The Catalogs Android App On August 15th

Another day, another cancelled Google product. Try to sound surprised as I report that the Google Catalogs Android app will go the way of the dodo on August 15th. Too difficult? I understand. I couldn't muster up any shock either. Catalogs scratches a very niche itch, one Google was willing to address on tablets but never bothered with on smartphones. While it's true that some people have installed the app, the vast majority of Googlers probably never knew it existed.

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[New App] Google Catalogs Lets You Browse All Your Favorite Catalogs From Your Android Tablet

Who doesn't love casually paging through catalogs just looking at... whatever? Wouldn't it be nice to kick back on the couch and have access to dozens of different catalogs at your fingertips without having ridiculous stacks of books laying around? Enter Google Catalogs, an app for Android-powered tablets that allows you do to just that.

The app offers access to a slew of different catalog categories, like women's fashion, jewelry, beauty, home, men's fashion, gift, toys, and more.

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