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Google Admin Gets An Updated Material Design Look, New Icon, Richer User Profiles, Bulk Actions, More [APK Download]

It's taken Google more than a year to update its own apps to comply with its new design philosophy, and we're still seeing apps just now receive the Material blessing. Google Admin, the administrator app of Google Apps, is the latest one to get a fresh coat of paint. This follows the update to the Admin web console that we saw back in February this year.

You should know by now what to expect of a Material design look so I won't dwell over that. For a comparison, this is what Google Admin looked like a few days ago and below is what you should see once the app is updated.

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First Google Admin Update Since 2013 Brings Shared PIN Support And Easy Account Switching [APK Download]

Google Admin has recently received its first update of the year. If you aren't the administrator for a Google for Work account, then there's nothing here for you to sink your teeth into. But there are a few new features here for people on the management side of things.

What's new

Administrators can now implement a 4-digit PIN that works on numerous devices. This way you could have all of the spare tablets in a college IT department, for example, secured with the same code that gets changed every week or so. To turn this feature on, look for the "Ask for pin" option under Settings.

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[New App] Google Admin App Lands On The Play Store, Feeds Your God Complex A Little Bit At A Time

Google Apps administrators now have a new toy to add to their box of goodies. Following the release of a new Admin Console and a new Admin SDK, Google has also rolled out a brand new Android app to the mix. For those in control and on the go, you now have the ability to add or suspend users, reset passwords, manage group memberships, directly contact users by phone or email, and audit the logs.

Screenshot_2013-05-29-12-06-56 Screenshot_2013-05-29-12-07-56 Screenshot_2013-05-29-12-08-11 Screenshot_2013-05-29-12-08-40


It should come as no surprise, administrators are strongly encouraged to use a very strong lockscreen password on any logged in device, and accounts in the admin role must have API access enabled.

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