Last week, Artem took the Primo Power Core 8200mAh portable battery pack for a spin, and he really liked it. But as good as it may be, for some, 8200mAh may be overkill. With that in mind, I took on the Scosche 5000mAh goBAT II portable charger and backup battery to see how well it would fuel my devices during everyday use.

At A Glance

First off, lets take a look at what this power pack has to offer.

  • 5000mAh, which should be able to charge a 1500mAh battery around 3 times, with a little left over.
  • Dual charging ports: one 5V 1 amp port, one 5V 2.1 amp port
  • Works with phones and tablets
  • In the box: the battery, USB charger, USB adapter for Galaxy Tab (more on that in a bit)

wm_DSCN5578_modified wm_DSCN5580_modified 


Now that you have a better idea of what the goBAT II is all about, lets look at what it does well, and where it lacks.

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