The venerable animated GIF remains a staple of the internet even after all these years because of its unparalleled versatility. If it has a screen, it can probably play a GIF. Such is the case with Android Wear, and Little TV turns those GIFs into watch faces. This is either fun or really ridiculous. I haven't decided which yet, but it's definitely one or the other.


Android 5.0 has a lot of really useful features, which we've been covering in detail as part of the Lollipop Feature Spotlight series. You know what else it has, though? Animations. Many, many lovely animations. If you follow Artem on Google+, you've probably seen him post some GIFs of Lollipop looking hot, but we've pulled together all those GIFs along with some new ones to give you a quick tour of Google's latest and greatest.

2014-08-18 00_56_45-Android Police_ AndroidPolice.com_ YouTube has a dogfood warning animated GIF, a

Google, like many companies, engages in a practice known as dogfooding. That's when a company has employees internally test new features and products before rolling them out to the public. While poking around in the recent YouTube APK, we found a little surprise. There's a GIF presumably shown in dogfood versions of the app to remind people to keep their big fat mouths shut.



Enough of these watch faces that are all about delivering important information and attractive "design." How about some animated GIFs? This app downloads trending animations from Giphy and syncs them to the watch to be displayed each time you wake it up. Want to see it in action? We've got a video.


Considering that Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters or less, a surprising amount of thoughtful dialogue takes place on the social network. Less shockingly, most of the chatter out there is positively inane. Fortunately we can resort to images to get our points across, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, this somewhat circumvents that whole text limitation thing.

The problem has been that, before today, Twitter didn't support GIFs, and what good is the internet without those animated bits of hilarity?


Earlier this week at a Google+ event, the company announced several important additions to Hangouts for Android. The updated version 2.0 comes with SMS support as well as location sharing, the ability to display animated GIF files, as well as the previously discovered in a teardown statuses and moods. AndroidPolice covered the rumor on October 7th following my initial Google+ report on October 4th.

The coveted update may take a while to reach you, considering it hasn't even started officially rolling yet.