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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Available Now On The Play Store For 4.99 With No IAPs

Activision's Geometry Wars series is one of the more popular casual shooters ever developed and really needs little introduction. Instead of writing something tiresome, I'll just let you watch the trailer for the newest entry in the franchise, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Warning: Viewing The Following Video Is Not Recommended For People With Epilepsy, An Aversion To Techno, Or Who Find The Mass Slaughter Of Innocent Shapes To Be Objectionable.

The big news here is that the franchise has finally released one of their games on mobile platforms.

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[Review] Spirit HD Blasts Off, Brings Some New Spins To The Horde Of 'Geometry Wars' Clones

Android seems to have become infested with games that have a large amount of things in common: they all pay homage to an extremely-successful Xbox game, and have won the hearts of players the world around.


Spirit plays a lot like Hyperlight, a game I've previously reviewed. The graphics are extremely similar in that they pay homage to Geometry Wars, and both take place on a flat, 2D plane.

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