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Atari Releases Multiplayer Fitness App Packed With Exercises, Activity Logging, And Retro Games

So many companies are invested in activity tracking and fitness right now, why not make a game out of it? So seems to be the thought process behind Atari Fit, a multiplayer exercise-oriented experience from the publishers of the oldest video game console most people care to remember.

How do you gamify fitness? The same way you do anything else. Atari has added ways to up your level and earn coins.

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[New App] Team Red Cross Gamifies Local Volunteer Activities, Schools Other Apps With Impeccable Holo Design

You've got to respect the American Red Cross: they're just a bunch of people who love to help people. As a recipient of their assistance through multiple emergencies (hey forest fires, you suck) I've been delighted to see their various disaster apps pop up on the Play Store. But their latest tops them all: Team Read Cross gives you a ton of information on volunteer opportunities in your area, then "gamifies" the act of completing them, sort of like a Foursquare that actually encourages you to do meaningful stuff.

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