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T-Mobile HTC One S Review: The Future Is Now

An Android phone is like a Leatherman Tool. It does a lot of things - without a doubt, a triumph of function over form. Android is the world's most versatile mobile operating system, the most tweakable, the most adaptable, and the most fully-featured. It just does more than any other comparable product out there. But if Android is a Leatherman, the iPhone is the basic Swiss Army Knife - compact, simple, iconic, and good enough for the vast majority of people, even if it does do a little less.

Building on that analogy, Android users, even die-hard fans, actually look at their phones more like tools.

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Popular Gallery App QuickPic Updated To V2.0 With Brand New, Faster, ICS-Inspired UI, Apps2SD, And More

My favorite gallery replacement app QuickPic, which is notorious for its speed and simplicity, just got updated with a brand new spiffy UI based on the new Android design guidelines that were published at the time of the Ice Cream Sandwich release.

The new UI in v2.0 is now much cleaner and more fluid, with action buttons at the top right and context buttons showing up dynamically on the bottom when they're needed. QuickPic did have to rebuild all the thumbnails, but once it's done so, it loads faster than it ever has.

v2.0 beta

  • New clean UI like Android 4.0(ICS), lots of UI optimizations
  • Replace list mode to explorer mode, support hierarchical folders
  • Bigger square thumbnails without border
  • Fix some minor bugs
  • App2SD for Android 2.2+
  • SC20120225-164134 SC20120225-164208 SC20120225-164245

    Check out the new 2.0 beta in the Market, and if you've never tried QuickPic before, I strongly encourage you give it a go.

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    [New App] Photo Calendar – Browse Photos According To Date, Save A Ton Of Time

    Looking to provide users with an alternative to Android's stock Gallery app, CultStory recently introduced Photo Calendar, an app which organizes all the photos on your device according to date (with custom album options).

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    Utilizing Photo Calendar's no-nonsense interface, users can browse their photos using album, month, and calendar views. The calendar view is particularly handy, displaying photos for each day of the month, and even detailing what time each image was captured.

    Photo Calendar also includes intuitive, easy to use "share" functionality, allowing users to share photos via messaging, Picasa, or a variety of social media services, just like Android's Gallery app.

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    Huawei Honor Review: This Is What A Budget Phone Should Be

    Budget phone. The very sound of those two words, together, makes me slightly ill. In fact, it makes me almost immediately seethe with a sort of "nerd-rage." I hate the way budget phones are peddled onto the tech-illiterate by commission-motivated hucksters at "Big Four" carrier phone stores. I hate seeing people get locked into 2-year contracts because they got a "great deal" on a smartphone. "It was free!" they'll say, and that the nice sales representative (his name was Jimmy) kept them from buying "something they didn't need," because they walked in with a firm spending limit and they weren't going to budge!

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    [Exclusive] The Ice Cream Sandwich Gallery Is Likely Getting A Built-In Photo Editor; We've Got The Feature List

    Google is working on building a photo editor into the Android Gallery. That much we're certain about - we've got the icons for it. It's not 100% confirmed that this will actually ship, or if these features or icons are final, but do you really think they'd do all this work and throw it out?

    With the disclaimer out of the way, here's the icons and descriptions, ripped right from Ice Cream Sandwich's creamy center.

    Update 10/18/11: Confirmed during the ICS unveiling.


























    Note: All the tool icons were white on transparent, so I gave them a black background.

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    Download: Test Android Market Reveals New Versions Of Music, Gallery, Clock And Camera

    This probably isn't going to be nearly as exciting as the title might lead you to believe - though it's good news nonetheless.

    Techfrom10's Samsung Galaxy S was accidentally given access to the test Android Market via an OTA update, and they stumbled upon some goodies while using it. The Market itself has undergone no noticeable changes aside from the addition of the "Content Rating" information publishers are now asked to include as part of their submissions to the Market, so there's not a lot to see on that end.

    However, they did find new versions of Music (much like the previously leaked APK, but presumably a newer version), Desk Clock, Camera, and Gallery.

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