There's been a lot of hubbub around the Note 8.0 leading up to MWC, and this morning, we finally got a chance to go hands-on with Samsung's newest slate. The early verdict? It's... an Android tablet with an S-Pen and Samsung software.


wm__DSC0397 wm__DSC0401

In that sense, the Note 8.0 seems like a smart move. People love the Note II, but the Note 10.1 may be too large a step up for a lot of folks (I personally don't like 10.1" tablets). The Note 8.0 is going to occupy that 'tweener' space, and I think it'll do a fairly good job. The 8.0 may well be the nicest small(ish) Android tablet I've held in terms of ergonomics, and that's probably due to Samsung's gratuitous use of lightweight, flimsy plastic.

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