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Qualcomm Decides Rumored Snapdragon 815 Does Not Exist, Would Like You To Please Stop Talking About It

Hey, remember all that hullaballoo about Snapdragon 808 and the G4 a couple days ago? Me too! Man, what a bummer for Qualcomm's totally-not-in-any-way-compromised Snapdragon 810. Those guys just can't catch a break!

And now, they really, really want you to know that there's no such thing as Snapdragon 815 and please just stop saying they were going to make another high-end chip based on ARM reference core designs.

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Andy Rubin Responds To Recent Cases Of Misinformation And FUD In The Press

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Fragmentation has been one of the biggest criticisms of the Android platform. Essentially, Google allows anybody to take the Android code and tweak it suit their own needs. This is how manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung are able to create custom layers (MotoBlur, Sense UI, and TouchWiz, respectively) over the vanilla Android interface and how some carriers load up new phones with crapware.

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