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Popular Frogger Clone 'Crossy Road' Hops From iOS And The Amazon Appstore Onto Google Play

Originality comes in many forms. One of them is to create a game world or control scheme that catches all who play it by surprise. Another approach is to take a familiar genre and offer an engaging twist on it. Then there's taking an existing game (Frogger), mixing it with the art style from another one (Minecraft), while naming it similar to a big hit everyone can recall (Flappy Bird). That last one appears to be the formula behind Crossy Road, and—okay, maybe it's not so original after all.

The popular iOS title came to Android last month as an Amazon exclusive, and now it's available on the Play Store where more people are likely to get swooped up by its charm.

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Eight New OpenFeint Titles Launching Today

As far as social gaming networks go, OpenFeint's really been a huge hit - according to the company, OpenFeint-enabled games have been downloaded over eight million times in their first 60 days. Additionally, the network has seen some 1.6 million Android devices visiting from 176 different countries. As impressive as that is, interest in OpenFeint isn't dying - far from it, as today marks the launch of eight OpenFeint-enabled games, some new and some getting OpenFeint capabilities:

Of course, we'll have to wait for reviewers to get their hands on the new games to assess their quality, but if past OpenFeint-enabled games are any indication, these are fun times ahead of us!

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