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Play This: Dandy Dungeon, an actual worthwhile and fun free-to-play game

The recently-released Dandy Dungeon is a free-to-play dungeon crawler that offers an increasingly unique and quirky story with solid gameplay, which is all set on top of adorable pixel based graphics.

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Hands-On With The Moto Z And Moto Z Force (...And Mods)

I had a chance to go hands-on with the Moto Z and Z Force today (full name: Lenovo Moto Z DROID Edition and Lenovo Moto Z Force DROID Edition... which, OK), and here are my initial thoughts. Videos also follow.

First, I think both phones actually feel of a high quality - the design Moto is going with here is actually a lot nicer in person than I think various leaked photos have given these devices credit for. In particular, I love the black / dark gray versions of both devices - they have kind of a Darth Vader thing going on, if you ask me.

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First Impressions Of Google's Nexus 6: Really Big, Really Beautiful [Update]

The Nexus 6 came in for a landing on my doorstep yesterday, and I've been happily exploring Google's new phablet ever since. Because I've had it for just one day, there's no way I could write anything resembling a review, so instead I thought it may be fun to do a very basic "initial impressions" post. There are a few things that immediately strike me about the device, so I'll discuss those here, with more details to come in the full review.


The Form Factor

The Nexus 6, known until recently as Shamu, is a whale. It's really big. That should go without saying since the display is 5.9", but when you see it in person its size is truly striking.

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Samsung Releases Official First Look Video That Highlights What The New Galaxy Tab S Can Do

Samsung has formally taken the covers off the Galaxy Tab S, and now it's time to see what this puppy is capable of. Okay, you will actually have to wait for reviews to start flowing in for that, but in the meantime, the company has released its official first look video. Here you can see a spiffy young gentleman break down all the niceties about the tablet that we've covered a few times before. But hey, a picture's worth a thousand words, and video has to be worth even more. So save yourself some reading and give this thing a gander.

The video starts by highlighting the Tab S's thin design and powerful specs, but it quickly moves on to more interesting bits.

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HTC Posts A Bunch Of Official First Look Videos Showing Off The M8's Camera And Other Features

Today's the HTC One M8's big day, and new shots and videos of the handset keep pouring in. HTC has now shared three "First Look" clips to its YouTube account that primarily focus on the phone's camera. That so-called "Duo Camera" is the device's most peculiar feature, so it's worth taking a look at just what it does.

This first video is the most general of the bunch. It touches on the M8's metal unibody design, Motion Launch (answer the phone by lifting it to your ear), and a few camera editing features. Some examples include the ability to refocus a shot and the power to edit the foreground and background elements of an image separately.

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[Video] Samsung Shows Off The Galaxy S III's "Inspired By Nature" Display And Design

Well, it's official, folks: the Galaxy S III has officially been unveiled, the specs are out (mostly), and pics are available. Naturally, Samsung is proud of its new flagship, especially in the area of design. To show off its "inspired by nature" design, Sammy put together a nice video highlighting a few aspects of the GSIII:

If you're not into videos that actually show new features of device, there's also a new commercial that shows how the GSIII is "design for human beings." Because, you know, all other devices were designed for pigs, dolphins, dragons, and the like.

What do you think?

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[Initial Impressions] AT&T Galaxy Note: Is That A Brick In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Nearly half a year ago, Samsung shocked the smartphone world with the unveiling of an entirely unconventional phone at IFA 2011. Why was it unconventional and shocking, you ask? Well, because it sports a massive 5.3-inch screen. That phone is none other than the mighty Samsung Galaxy Note.

The phone is scheduled to release today, February 19th, and we've seen quite a bit of banter going around on what to expect. However, the most prominent question is whether it's a tablet or a smartphone. Obviously it's meant to be a phone with tablet-like features for on-the-go productivity, but is it practical to carry this thing around on a daily basis or is it just a gimmick that is destined to flop?

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Wirefly Gets Touchy-Feely With The Droid 4 In A 13-Minute Video Overview

We can't wait for  the Droid 4. In the world of smartphones, the QWERTY sliders are a rare and exotic breed these days. Catching a glimpse of a machine with powerful specs and a keyboard-shaped secret gets our mouths watering. So a thirteen minute video will naturally trigger some flood warnings. Wirefly goes hands-on with the Droid 4 in the first video review overview of the latest in the Droid series.

Here's a rundown of Wirefly lays out in the video:

    • 4" 540x960 LCD display
    • 5-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    • 1.2Ghz dual-core processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • LTE
    • 8GB internal storage (expandable with microSD card)
    • 8MP rear camera w/ 1080p HD video recording
    • 1.3MP front camera
    • 1785mAh battery
    • Android 2.3.5
    • Micro HDMI port
    • Ships with Android 2.3.5

    The phone also gets put through some benchmark tests.

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    [I/O 2011] First Deep-Dive Look And Hands-On With The Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet

    Wow, what a day! Music, movies, APIs, alliances - the list of exciting announcements from Google I/O 2011 goes on and on today. While the rest of the Android Police crew is blasting through the bulk of the new stuff, I decided to unpack and play with the "Oprah moment" Limited Edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 that everyone here at I/O received as a gift. And let me tell you, this baby is fast, sleek, slim, and gorgeous. Let's see what we've got here, shall we?

    wm_IMG_0003 wm_IMG_0004 wm_IMG_0005

    This 32GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 is running a 1GHz dual-core processor - from the looks of it, it's the Tegra 2 rather than the Exynos, at least according to the Quadrant benchmark, which reports an NVIDIA GPU (see towards the bottom).

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    EVAC From Hexage Arrives - You Want This Game. Now [First Look]

    It's not every day that I shoot videos of Android games (in fact, this is my first one ever) but when I saw EVAC HD hit the Market yesterday, I felt the need to do it. It wasn't even the graphics, which, by the way, are awesome, it wasn't the gameplay, which is also good - it was the music and the sounds that captivated me. I have only one way to describe them - "magical".

    If you asked me what EVAC was, I would probably say it's PacMan. On crack. Hexage took the good old game, added powerups, special abilities, humor, knockout graphics and sounds, and produced something, while still similar, but at the same time completely new.

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