This year's Consumer Electronics Show will kick off next week, and many tech companies are ready to show off their gadgets. Alcatel OneTouch plans to attract attention on the show floor with its line of affordable phones and watches. But this time the price isn't the biggest draw.

The Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 3 series of handsets offer screens ranging from 3.5 to 5 inches. The smallest will only support 3G, while the 4", 4.5", and 5" options should handle 4G LTE as well.


Mozilla has rolled a new version of Firefox out to the Android browser's stable channel, bringing with it screen mirroring and a few other goodies. This isn't the first time some of this has popped up in Firefox, but being the stable channel, it all works now.

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Mozilla is pushing a new version of Firefox Beta out to the Play Store today, and it brings some big changes. You might not be thrilled with all of them, but it's Firefox so you can change things. Don't get me wrong, it's almost all objectively good stuff. Are you sufficiently intrigued?

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Chrome got you down in the dumps? Why not try Firefox? It's like Chrome, but developed by the fine people at Mozilla, who also make... um... okay, the point is Mozilla makes Firefox, and it's a good browser. Now it's even better with v33 rolling out to the stable version with support for casting to Chromecast or Roku, better private data management, and more.



Chrome might be the default browser on Android these days, but Mozilla has done some great stuff with Firefox. The stable and beta channels are getting an update today to v32 and v33, respectively. If you like to live dangerously, the beta even offers some hotly anticipated features including Chromecast support.


Earlier this summer word got out that Mozilla was working on a media streaming stick of its own that's intended to be a more open option than Google's Chromecast. The device would allow anyone to cast to it, regardless of their platform or the content they're hoping to cast. Yet even with these big plans, the organization has still taken the time to bake Chromecast support into Firefox, starting with the nightly builds.


Users of Pushbullet are getting some new stuff today, but not all of them. Today's update is to the Firefox extension, which has fallen behind the Chrome add-on recently. The new v23 extension for Firefox brings it up to par with the Chrome version and makes it a bit prettier.

 2014-08-06 10_02_54-Biggest Firefox Update - Google Docs


The Pushbullet folks have pushed out an update not to the Android app, but to the Chrome extension, that expedites the whole file pushing process. Now when the need arrives to push a file to all of the devices under your account, instead of sending them off one at a time, the extension will let you target all the things. This is functionality that the Android app and the Pushbullet website already have, so consider this more of a step towards feature parity across the board.


Chrome Beta is sporting a new Material Design look now, but Mozilla's Firefox Beta is doing okay. In fact, it is getting an update to v32 with a number of changes that you might notice. Of course, there are also plenty of things going on behind the scenes that you'll never know about if you don't read the changelog.



There are many browsers available for Android, several of which serving as mobile counterparts to their desktop alternatives. Opera comes to mind here, as does Firefox. The latter browser has received an update to version 31 and received a number of new features in the process. The top item on the ol' changelog is the ability to reorder homescreen panels (or pages, as I think of them). If you happen to view your reading list more often than bookmarks, for example, then you can now re-arrange the two so that your preferred page comes first.

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