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Firefox Updated To v42 With Tracking Protection (Basically An Ad-Blocker)

Google rolls out new versions of Chrome all the time, but Mozilla is no slouch when it comes to Firefox. Version 42 of Firefox is hitting the stable channel with a number of important changes and improvements, but right at the top of the list is a revamped private browsing mode with a feature called Tracking Protection. It's basically a built-in ad-blocker.

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Firefox Updated To v41 With Easy Multi-Provider Search From Address Bar, Ability To Search Your Saved Logins, Duplicate Bookmark Detection, And More

Mozilla advances another version in their rapid release cycle today, moving the stable version of Firefox for Android (and desktops) to v41. Unlike some other recent releases, this one has several goodies for regular users. These include a modification to in-browser search that makes it more like using the dedicated search bar in desktop Firefox, offering an easy tap-to-choose selection of different search providers.


To be honest, I think this is a lot more useful on mobile than it is on the desktop. The moments, taps, and typing saved are a lot more precious when using your phone.

Another highlight is the ability to search your saved logins when there are no matches.

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Firefox Introduces A True Private Browsing Mode In Pre-Beta Releases And Rolls Out New Add-on Signing Policy

In their latest testing releases, Mozilla has launched two ambitious efforts to improve upon two areas where Firefox seeks to set itself apart: privacy and security.

To address privacy, they have changed the way their "private browsing mode," which is akin to incognito on Chrome, protects users. Rather than keep your info away from other people using your computer, which is more or less the intent of the feature, new versions of Firefox will also try to keep you more anonymous to web-based trackers.

Screenshot_2015-08-14-16-34-52 Screenshot_2015-08-14-16-35-13

In addition to not saving history, the previously-hidden Tracking Protection feature is enabled by default when private browsing.

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Firefox Stable Release Is Updated To v40 With Tweaked Forward/Back Navigation, Better Malware Protection, And Other Minor Improvements

Keeping to their normal rapid release schedule, Mozilla published v40 of the stable release of Firefox to the Play Store today. The biggest user-facing change in the update is one that was also present in the beta version of v40, allowing you to long press the forward or back buttons to see a list of your recently visited pages. Here's a quick look at how that works:


This is the sort of thing that only catches your attention when there aren't any other major changes, but this is one of those times. I don't think mobile browsers generally make going back very easy and sometimes the system back button isn't ideal when you plan to go back multiple pages.

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[Update: It's Fixed] Google Play Music All Access Web App Is Not Working In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Or Safari On Desktops

As of this morning, most users are finding it back up and running normally

Starting early in the AM on July 14th, reports started coming in that Firefox and Safari can both use the web app again. IE users should be good to go, too. My own testing confirms this as well. Happy listening!

With no obvious cause, numerous subscribers to Google Play Music All Access have suddenly found that just about any non-Chrome browser cannot use the web app to stream songs.

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Firefox Beta Gets Updated To v40 With Improved Forward/Back Navigation, Various Under The Hood Changes

Mozilla, keeping pace with their regular rapid release schedule, released an update for Firefox Beta today. v39 graduated to stable, sending v40 to the beta channel. With some focus on changes to the desktop version, there aren't major user-facing changes in this Android update. Still, there should be some performance enhancements along with a nice UI improvement for navigating forward and backwards through a tab's history.

The overflow menu has been home to the forward and back shortcuts for quite a while now, but there wasn't an efficient way to navigate by several pages. Starting with v40, pressing and holding on the forward or back arrow will bring up a list view of your history.

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Orfox Is The Guardian Project's Latest App For Bringing The Tor Browser Experience To Android, First Alpha Release Is Available

The Guardian Project, the group behind previous efforts to bring Tor and other privacy-preserving software to Android, is working on a Tor-friendly browser built on the desktop equivalent's codebase. This app, named Orfox, will replace its WebView-based predecessor Orweb.


Just like Orweb, Orfox will require the companion app Orbot to connect to Tor. Orfox sets itself apart by being a fully-featured standalone browser, with the basic trappings even privacy-conscious users would come to expect like bookmarks and tabbed browsing.

Why Orfox? Well, the Tor Browser Bundle for desktop users is built on Firefox 38.0 ESR. The Guardian Project, who is already accustomed to collaborations with The Tor Project, made the few necessary modifications to the desktop version's code to make it suitable for Android.

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AdBlock Plus Creates Its Own Android Browser Based On Firefox, Now Available In Beta

Do you hate advertising, and by extension, the vast majority of free content on the planet? Do you spend hours defending your decision to block ads on the Internet, television, video games, apps, and in real life via an intricate system of automatic blinders? Then the ever-growing crop of Android web browsers has a new entry just for you. This one comes from AdBlock Plus, probably the most recognizable name in browser-based advertisement blocking.

2015-05-20 15.59.57 2015-05-20 15.59.47 2015-05-20 16.25.55

Adblock Browser for Android is now available in beta form using the Google+ Community method - they've also got a direct APK download on the Community page.

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Firefox 38 Goes Stable With A New Welcome Screen, Numerous Minor Visual Tweaks, And More

Firefox Beta exists in the Play Store as a separate app that's open to the public, but regardless, there comes a time when things should go stable. For Firefox 38, now's that time.

As you would expect, version 38 comes with a number of new features. In addition to the changes we detailed in the past, this release also greets users with a redesigned launch screen. The old pop-up has been replaced with a landing page that is inherently less jarring.

Firefox38-2 Firefox38-1

Left: old, Right: new.

While we're talking visuals, the developers have provided the browser with an ever-so-slightly more material look.

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Firefox For Android Passes 100 Million Downloads In The Google Play Store

Google's mobile version of Chrome has become the de facto standard browser for Android, but never let it be said that it's the only option. Mozilla Firefox, which predates Chrome on both desktop platforms and Android, has been downloaded from the Play Store 100 million times. Mozilla decided to toast the occasion on its official blog.

2015-04-09 20.03.54 2015-04-09 20.02.56 2015-04-09 20.03.24

Aside from the obvious user interface differences, the Android version of Firefox has gradually added compelling features like integration with synced Mozilla services (which are a godsend if you use the desktop browser as your primary web interface), extra user-accessible tools like a fullscreen switch, customized search engines, and add-ons that expand the base app's functionality.

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