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Feedly Introduces Power Search To Help Pro Users Better Find Stories On The Web

With its latest feature, Feedly is going after Google. The company has introduced Power Search, an improvement to its searching mechanism that's reserved for pro accounts. It lets you search for content around the web that isn't saved in your feed without having to fire up a separate tab.

Screenshot 2015-01-27 at 3.35.08 PM

Power search can pull up articles, podcasts, and videos alike. It displays the articles within the usual interface, effectively letting you read stories from outside your list of subscriptions as though you were already following them. And of course, it's easy to add any sites you find to your list. It ends up feeling like a natural extension of the service.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Three Feedly Pro Lifetime Accounts From Feedly And APK Mirror

Ever since the death of Google Reader (RIP, old friend), I've been using Feedly for all of my RSS/news aggregation needs. It started off as a viable alternative to Reader, and did an excellent job of mending the pieces of my broken heart during that transitional phase in my life. Honestly, Feedly was there for me when I needed it most. Thanks for being a great friend, Feedly.

Since then, I've watched Feedly grow into something more powerful than Reader ever was. You can basically run it anywhere – in the browser, on Android, on iOS...wherever. Powerful new features consistently make their way to the platform, and the overall experience just keeps getting better and better.

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Feedly v25 Finally Refreshes The Old Gingerbread-Style Settings Menu With A Material Theme, Uses Higher Resolution Images, And More

Feedly has really thrived in the wake of Google Reader's demise, but its developers haven't exactly made the app the best that it could be. For far too long now, the settings menu has held onto the Gingerbread era, even while the rest of the experience gradually modernized. With Feedly version 25, the team has finally put this issue to bed. Now when you start tinkering around with the various options, it will actually look like you're using something designed in 2014.

Screenshot_2014-12-05-12-29-19 Screenshot_2014-12-05-12-30-17 Screenshot_2014-12-05-12-28-33

Left: Old, KitKat. Center: New, KitKat. Right: New, Lollipop.

Rounding out the changelog, Feedly has retired URL shortening for Twitter.

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PSA: Feedly Experiencing Prolonged DDoS Attack, Service Offline For Several Hours So Far [Update]

Feedly has been one of the most popular feed readers in the wake of the Google Reader shutdown, but the service is having a rough morning. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was launched on Feedly late last night and has continued all morning. According to the Feedly blog, the company is working to mitigate the impact and bring Feedly back online, but it's slow going.

Update 1: Feedly says the attack was neutralized as of 3:07PM PT. Everything should be getting back to normal now.

Update 2: A second wave of DDoS attacks spun up on June 12th. These were neutralized as of 11:30AM PT.

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gReader Hits Version 3.7, Brings New Themes, Custom Notifications, And More

Even though Google Reader has long been dead, many of the tools that remained in its wake are still going strong, and the way that most users utilized the tool has gone largely unchanged. The conversion to Feedly was a rather smooth one in my opinion, and integration with some of my favorite apps, like gReader, has been flawless.

Today, gReader received a rather significant update to version 3.7, which brings about many new changes and improvements, including a pair of new themes, custom notifications, better shortcut management, and several others. Here's a look at the full changelog:

What's New
  • NEW: 2 new beautiful themes: Blue and Green
  • NEW: Custom notification for feeds (Pro)
  • NEW: Create shortcut for subscriptions/tags
  • NEW: Change settings in Tasker : Synchronization, Offline Usage, Notification, Theme
  • NEW: OPML Export (Manage Sources)
  • IMPROVED: RSS Reader (local) loading feed information
  • IMPROVED: OPML Import (RSS Reader only)
  • IMPROVED: Sort by feed now sorts like Manage sources
  • FIXED: Display issue on some websites (cache contents should be saved again)



If you're already a gReader user, head into the Play Store to grab the update.

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Feedly App Update Finally Changes Back Button Behavior To Be Less Annoying, Easy Switching To Next Feed

If there's one thing that's kept me from using Feedly's official app, as opposed to using more conventional RSS-style readers in the wake of the Google Reader collapse, it's the interface. Aside from the fact that I find it kind of clunky in general, the inconsistent back button behavior is a real downer. With the latest app update (version 18.1.3), it becomes a little bit less of a headache.

Screenshot_2014-03-03-09-00-45 Screenshot_2014-03-03-09-00-58

Now when you go through the various screens you've viewed with the back button, you'll open the "level selector" (read: the swipe-out side menu that shows all your feeds). Tap the back button again to exit the app completely.

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Feedly For Android Beta Adds A Speedy Tap Advance Function, Gets Rid Of Annoying Back Button Issue

Feedly has become the new darling of the RSS world after Google threw itself out of the market last year, but there are still plenty of users (including yours truly) who aren't crazy about the Feedly app itself. Hopefully the changes shown off in the newest beta release will change that. You can check out the beta via the usual Google+ community method: join this community on Google+, then head to this page in the Play Store.

2014-01-07 12.27.48 2014-01-07 12.37.07 2014-01-07 12.37.15

The biggest user-facing change is "speed reading," which is a bit of a misnomer - it's basically a forward/back function. Tap on the left or right side of an article near the edge of the screen and you'll automatically move to the next or last item in the RSS feed.

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[New App] News+, From Developer Of gReader, Hits The Play Store With Loads Of Features And Multi-Service Support

We’re coming up on the 6-month anniversary of the shutdown of Google Reader; and while some people might still be a little jaded about losing the beloved service, most have moved on to one of the many alternatives that popped up to replace it. Several great feed aggregators exist, many offering innovative improvements over Reader, but their mobile apps may not fit your needs. The developer of gReader, noinnion, intends to solve that with the release of News+, a feature-rich and very customizable news reader app with support for several services.



Development on News+ started over 6 months ago, around the same time gReader added support for Feedly.

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[New App] Flyne Is A New Offline News Reader From The Maker Of Falcon Pro, Powered by Twitter And Feedly

Every time I try a new non-AOSP Android device, I lament the lack of Google's News & Weather app and its excellent widget. But the latest app from Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Verges might just get me to let go of that standby. Flyne is a news reader in the vein of Press and Flipboard, but it's powered by curated Twitter lists and your own Twitter and Feedly content.

2013-10-29 08.20.42 2013-10-29 08.22.21 2013-10-29 08.22.30

Setup is simple, at least for the free version: select your topics of interest from a wide list, and Flyne will populate your personal news list with authoritative sources for that particular niche.

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Feedly Brings Back The Lifetime Pro Edition, Except Now It Costs Three Times Its Introductory Price

Feedly began as a free service, but once the company really started to ramp up its efforts to create the next Google Reader, they introduced a monthly fee to go with it. Users can subscribe to use Feedly for $5 a month, or they can get it for a discounted price of $45 a year. When the company first rolled out this plan, they gave away $99 lifetime subscriptions to the first 5,000 people who claimed them. Those quickly sold out. Well, for anyone who missed out and has been waiting since then, lifetime subscriptions are finally back, only this time they will cost you $299.

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