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[New App] SwitchMe Lets You Swap Between Multiple Android Profiles On A Single (Rooted) Device

If there's one thing that the desktop world has that Android desperately needs, it's multiple user support. A shared Windows machine or a Mac both support multiple user profiles on a single device. While this isn't that big of a deal on phones, tablet users might find it unsettling passing around a shared device tied directly to their all-knowing Google account. Enter SwitchMe, an app to help alleviate the uncertainty. This root app allows users to boot into multiple profiles within a single ROM.

This app is for rooted users only.

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The app creates a sandbox for individual profiles, including applications, settings, and data that are stored on the device and loaded when logging in.

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Killswitch: Automatically Put Your Device To Sleep When You Put It In A Case Or Turn It Upside Down

One neat feature of BlackBerrys is that when you put the phone in its case, the screen automatically shuts off. The effect is only part novelty; after all, by shutting the screen off sooner, you're saving battery (although in all honesty, it's doubtful you're saving that much battery). Developer Fahrbot Mobile has devised a solution for Android that "uses a combination of sensors to control the sleep state and screen lock of any device... at the moment, it uses the proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer."

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Sleeplessninjas has provided a video overview of the app (disclaimer: it's 6 minutes long):

Hit up the widget below to check out the free version, or jump right into the paid.

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