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Facebook's Android app can now save offline videos

Approximately 98% of the videos posted on Facebook are ripped YouTube clips with annoying, aspect ratio-destroying text on the top and bottom, stolen and reposted by some radio station in Ohio that's desperate for social media "engagement." Even so, if you really want to save those videos, the Android app now lets you do so. Kinda. One of our readers spotted the new user interface features and the "Saved" video section in the app, but that word doesn't mean the same thing to Facebook as it does to other folks.

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Facebook Users May Be Able To Stream Videos From The Facebook Android App To Chromecast Soon

Have you ever wanted to stream the videos you see on Facebook directly to your television? No? Well who could blame you, since most of them are either inane junk from your high school friends or comedy videos blatantly stolen from YouTube and then stickered to hell like a race car in a fire sale. But if for some awful reason you DO want to stream videos from Facebook to Chromecast, such as trying to get rid of all of your roommates really quickly, you'll soon be able to do so. Probably.

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Facebook Introduces Local AMBER Alerts For The Web And Mobile Apps

If you live in the US, you're probably familiar with the AMBER Alert system, which broadcasts information on missing or abducted children on television, radio, and even digital road signs in relevant local areas. The system has been expanded in recent years to include cable television, satellite and Internet radio, and even less precise digital platforms like Google Maps. Today Facebook announced that it will be showing AMBER Alerts to users in affected areas on both the web and mobile.

Starting today, Facebook will receive AMBER Alerts issued from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which gathers information from local law enforcement precincts around the country.

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Facebook Messenger For Android Updated To 1.7, Brings Message Read Status And Tries To Call Itself A "Texting" Service

Facebook's Messenger app for Android has been updated, and here's the changelog:

  1. Now it’s even easier to reach groups of friends on the go:
  2. Text everyone for free, using your existing data plan
  3. Reach friends wherever they are now – on their phone or the web
  4. Know who’s seen your message, and who hasn’t
  5. See where friends are messaging you from

Now, you're probably wondering what Facebook means by "texting" - they mean the app will send SMS notifications of your messages to people who aren't using the app but are on your friends list, and have their mobile phone number listed on their profile.

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Facebook For Android App Updated To v1.9, Brings Performance Improvements And New Features

Facebook for Android has been updated to version 1.9, bringing performance improvements (read: faster feed scrolling), a some new picture sharing and messaging features. You may not be able to get it quite yet on the device Play Store, but forcing the download from the web Play Store should do the trick, as usual. Here's the changelog:

-Improved performance and various bug fixes

-More messaging features like creating group messages and adding friends to existing group conversations

-Shortcuts to share photos and messages right from your home screen

Screenshot_2012-04-20-15-32-28 Screenshot_2012-04-20-15-32-45 Screenshot_2012-04-20-15-33-23

I've already noticed smoother operation in the main feed when scrolling, and the new photo share button on the main feed page is pretty handy, too.

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