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The Eye Tribe Demonstrates An Impressive Eye Tracking Suite On Android Via A USB Dongle

Voice control? That's so 2010. The future of mobile computing is... well, I have no idea what it is, but Danish startup company The Eye Tribe would like you to think that it's eye tracking. And not the simple, on-off tracking demonstrated in the latest versions of Samsung's TouchWiz - their hardware can track eye movements with enough precision to replicate a finger tap or mouse cursor. Check out the video below:

Want the money shot? Skip to 3:00.

That guy is slicing fruit in Fruit Ninja with his eyes. He's like some incredible wizard who really hates oranges. The applications for browsing the web and other standard apps seems a little forced, but the idea of unlocking your screen without touching it makes at least as much sense as Google's own facial recognition solution.

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Watch Where You Look! Senseye Shows Off Its Futuristic Eye Control System At Computex 2012

Over at Computex Taipei, the usual array of bizarre and/or nifty gadgets you'd expect at a technology trade show are out in numbers. Coming to the attention of The Verge's Sean Hollister was a demo by Scandinavian company Senseye, with its intriguing eye tracking-based control and navigation system. As you might expect, a camera simply follows the motion of your eyes and moves the cursor to their focal point. To the obvious amusement of Halfbrick Studios, the Senseye was demonstrated on a large screen playing Fruit Ninja.

The Senseye system added a new peril for the player as simply looking at the dangerous bombs masquerading as sliceable fruit resulted in them exploding, but this was alleviated using good ol' peripheral vision.

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