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Google Glass's Hidden Labs Features - 'OK Glass' Everywhere, Web Browsing, Video Stabilization, And More [Video]

Google Glass is very much an experimental piece of hardware and it turns out the software has been built with that ethos in mind, too. With root and a few carefully-crafted ADB commands, you can enable a ton of experimental features the Google has built into the Glass software.

Over on Github, Zhuowei Zhang has posted the whole list of Glass Labs features, and how to enable them. Zhuowei isn't a Glass explorer though, so it's been up to me to be the guinea pig and actually try this stuff.

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[New Game] ZeptoLab Releases Cut The Rope: Experiments, Adds Even More Awesome Ways To Feed Candy To An Adorable Monster

ZeptoLab, following up on the wild success of Cut the Rope, has released Cut the Rope: Experiments to the Google Play Store, with new characters, gameplay elements, and other features that set Experiments apart from the original in a handful of ways.

In Experiments, players will still try to feed candy to the adorable Om Nom, but will follow a new storyline, in which Om Nom is dropped off at a "mad (but not bad)" scientist's lab.

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