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Multiple Online Retailers Show Huawei Watch At 349 Euro Price Point

How much will Huawei's slick new Android Wear device cost? That seems to be the major decision factor for a lot of Android Police readers, impressive looks and features aside. When Huawei announced its round Wear watch at MWC, it unaccountably forgot to mention the price, only saying that it would be available in "more than 20 countries" whenever it launches. A week later we've got a slightly better idea of what it will cost, at least in Europe: somewhere around the €349 mark.

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Chromecast Spotted At A German Retailer For 39.99 Euro

Update: at least one German gadget site has more evidence of an eminent Chromecast release, including retailers Amazon and Media Mart.

Our European readers have been waiting to get their hands on the Chromecast ever since Google announced its diminutive streaming gadget, and at least some of them will be able to soon - the UK is getting it on Wednesday. But what about the rest of the continent?

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HTC Bootloader Unlock Portal Open - European Sensation Now Unlockable

It seems HTC has made good on its commitment to begin unlocking the bootloaders of its recently released handsets, starting with the European version of the HTC Sensation. You can find the instructions at HTC's developer portal, here. (You may need to log in). Also, here are the scary things you'll have to disclaim before beginning:

warr terms

So, as long as you realize that your warranty will/might be voided all or in part, get cracking.

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