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T-Mobile, AT&T, And Sprint Offer Free Calls And Texts To Ecuador Following Deadly Earthquake

US carriers offering free service to disaster-stricken areas of the world has become something of a grim but inspiring tradition at this point. After a devastating earthquake struck the area off the coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador last night, all of Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have announced that they are offering free calls and texts to the country for the time being. This allows US residents to contact family members and friends in the affected areas. The offer extends to any calls or texts made from yesterday through Sunday, April 24th on Sprint, Saturday the 23rd on T-Mobile, and Friday the 22nd on AT&T.

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American Red Cross Releases Yet Another App - This One's All About Earthquakes

Looks like the Red Cross is on a roll. In just a few months, it has released what's becoming a series of not only impressive looking, but completely utile applications. First, they showed us how to perform simple CPR. Then, it was all about hurricane preparation. Now, the third app in the trio has been released, and this time it's dedicated to earthquakes.

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The app covers all the basic information that you'd need to know in the case of an earthquake - before, during, and after. It can also notify you of when an earthquake happens near your area, including all pertinent information about the 'quake.

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