Duolingo, perhaps the best app for language learning on the Android platform, has added yet another option for prospective students: the native tongue of PewDiePie, Swedish. With the latest update, Swedish joins recent additions Irish and Dutch along with Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Danish as options for English speakers. For now, Swedish is in a beta stage, according to Duolingo's website. You can still use it as normal though, they just don't promise absolute stability.

Last Updated: November 27th, 2014

Duolingo treats learning a new language like a game, and it has attracted users thanks to its simple way of breaking courses into something you actually want to dive into during your free time. The latest version sprinkles in elements of Material Design, making the already visually pleasing app feel even more at home on devices running Android 5.0.

This release won't have you mistaking it for a Google app, as the shrunken menu button is slightly off, and the side panel slides in awkwardly under tabs that look stuck in transition between Holo and Material.

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Irish is hard. Like, really, really hard - as someone who can generally fake his way through Latin-based languages, I was completely lost when I went to Ireland and found that all the road signs were in what I had previously thought of as "Gaelic." It's a good thing that English was also on the signs. But if you're interested in learning it (or if your Republic of Ireland education demands that you do) you can now get some practice in Duolingo, along with Danish.


Nifty language learning app Duolingo is expanding on its usefulness by adding another course for English speakers. Android users can now click on the green birdy app to learn how to say new words in Dutch. The option is accessible along with all of the other courses, which you can see in the screenshot below.

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For people who aren't at all interested in learning this particular language, the latest Duolingo update still comes with an added perk.

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Last Updated: July 25th, 2014

Update, 7-25-14: A Carnegie Mellon representative informed us that in fact the Duolingo Test Center results will not factor into determining an applicant's English skills, it will merely be used in research to test the exam's effectiveness, at least at the moment.

Carnegie Mellon, a global research university that attracts student applicants from around the world, is the first academic partner of Duolingo for the English language certification exam.    

In this role, the university in the coming year will encourage applicants and newly admitted students to take the online exam as part of a research study.


Language learning app Duolingo is getting an update today, but most of the people who will be excited about it can't read this yet. Maybe someday they will with the help of Duolingo. This update expands the options for learning English and adds some more courses that have nothing to do with English.


Admit it, Glass owners, half the reason you're going to Google I/O is that you want to chat with other Glass people about how cool Glass is (hashtag throughglass). Google has given you plenty to chat about: they've just thrown a dozen new apps into the Glassware gallery, all of them from notable sources. Probably the most interesting is Livestream, the official app for Livestream.com, which was previously available as a side-load install.


Duolingo is one of the most simplistic, visually appealing language learning experience someone can come across, and the fact that it's a mobile app they can take anywhere is just one heck of a perk. Today's update doesn't shake things up for existing users, but it has what it takes to bring in many more. Now English courses are available for people who speak Hindi as their native language, Russian speakers have the option to learn German, and German speakers are welcome to learn French.


People who have used Duolingo on the web or on iOS may have grown accustomed to a virtual shop where they're encouraged to spend hard-earned points on cool stuff. Now that engaging feature has come to Android. Whenever you complete an achievement going forward, Duolingo will reward you with Lingots that you can spend on all sorts of items ranging from power-ups to bonus language skills.

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Duolingo already turns language-learning into a game by breaking down lessons into achievements and giving players a limited number of hearts.


Looking to learn English? I know a little green bird that just might help you out. Duolingo has been around for years now, but it remains one of the best apps available for learning a new language on a mobile device. Now thanks to the latest update, Duolingo is ready to help Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, and Turkish speakers learn English.

Update: Duolingo has also added English-learning support for Polish speakers.

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