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2013 Nexus 7 DODOcase Review: Does An Inexpensive Tablet Deserve A Premium Case?

The new Nexus 7 is not an expensive device, but it feels distinctly premium. The build quality has been markedly improved from the 2012 incarnation and the screen is incredible. It might not be a big investment (thanks to Google's aggressive pricing), but it's still an investment to protect. DODOcase makes some of the most attractive cases and sleeves you can get for a tablet, but they come with a big price tag.

Does it make sense to pair an inexpensive Nexus 7 with one of the more pricey cases out there? We've got a Durables Sleeve, DODOcase Solid, and DODOcase Folio to take a look.

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The Case That Isn't There: We Review The DodoCase for Nexus 7

Cases for my devices fall into two camps: there are cases that are merely "there," and cases that "do." The cases in the first camp usually don't serve any other purpose besides scratch/scuff prevention, and the latter group add some utility, usually in the form of bells and whistles. However useful they are, though, is typically offset by one fact: they usually look like ass.

So when I laid my eyes on a DodoCase for the first time, I had a little bit of an epiphany. This was a case that was functional, durable, and had a minimal style that I gravitated to - it also didn't splay out its logo in huge, ghastly font or make me unwrap it like a Christmas gift in order to get to my tablet.

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