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Dice+ Review: A Bluetooth-Enabled Die That Will Make Your Android Tablet The Star Of Family Game Night

As a millennial raised on video games, I've developed more of an interest in physical board games the older I get. They're inherently social, and at a time when most multiplayer console and mobile games are pushing people to play online, I want ways to entertain people face-to-face. So when I first caught wind of Dice+, I was intrigued. Here was a product that promised to turn my tablet from a solitary gaming platform into something that could bring people together.

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[Deal Alert] Zombies, Run! On Sale For $2.99 (Normally $7.99) Until September 3rd

Several weeks ago, Zombies, Run! gave our own Eric Ravenscraft a much-needed trip outside the house while he reviewed the unique workout/game hybrid. After using the application for several days, he came away impressed with it, though questioned its $8 price tag. If you share his sentiments, now may be the time to splurge and grab the download, as the price is down to just $3 until tomorrow.

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For those who may not already know, Zombies, Run!

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