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As a millennial raised on video games, I've developed more of an interest in physical board games the older I get. They're inherently social, and at a time when most multiplayer console and mobile games are pushing people to play online, I want ways to entertain people face-to-face. So when I first caught wind of Dice+, I was intrigued. Here was a product that promised to turn my tablet from a solitary gaming platform into something that could bring people together.

Dice Thumb

Nerds love dice. They're a fundamental part of any good Dungeons & Dragons session, along with any number of quirky board and card games that have spawned over the years. Yet the harder we game, the harder it is for dice to keep up. We've bumped them up to eight sides and twelve sides, then, in a moment of panic, dropped down to four. But they still aren't quite up to the task.