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Hands-On With dbrand Nexus 6 Skins: Like A Tailor-Made Suit For Your Phone

A couple of weeks ago when dbrand offered up all its skins for 25% off, I mentioned how boring most Android phones look these days (save for a few, like the Moto X since it's customizable). As a result, we decided that going hands-on with some dbrand stuff might be pretty fun, and what better phone than the oversized-and-aesthetically-boring Nexus 6 to be the guinea pig? I threw a variety of different combos on this beasty, which includes some super sleek options and also a couple of the worst combos I could possible think of (because why not?).

Regardless of color, one thing always stayed consistent: these skins are quality.

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[Deal Alert] All dbrand Skins Are 25% Off For Today Only

One of the lamest things about most modern Android devices is the lack of color options. One person can only choose between "Snow White," "Black Velvet," and "Rose Gold" so many times before wanting to scream, after all.

For situations like that, there's dbrand. They make custom skins for a variety of devices, allowing users to modify their device however they see fit (and change that look on a whim with different skins). Tired of looking at that stark white Note 4? Throw some red leather on it. The blue Nexus 6 not doing it for you anymore? Spice it up with the look of bamboo.

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Mahogany Wood Device Skins Now Available From dbrand, Worldwide Shipping Only $3 (CAD)

Do you already have many leather-bound books, and wish your mobile devices could smell of rich mahogany? The smell thing we can't really help with, but you can make them look like rich mahogany now thanks to dbrand. The maker of precision-fitted device skins has just made the mahogany version available for all devices, and it looks awesome.

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All dbrand skins are made from 3M vinyl that offers high durability and an exact fit for your device. The skins leave no residue after being removed, though you're not likely to want to do that. Dbrand also has a number of videos showing you how to apply the vinyl cutouts.

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