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[Deal Alert] Groupon Offering Escort SmartRadar Radar And Laser Detector For $199.99 (Normally $360+)

The Escort SmartRadar, as its name might imply, is a radar and laser detector. If you've been looking to get a radar detector for a bargain, the Escort might be the device for you, and Groupon has it at a nice discount. The site is offering the Escort SmartRadar for $199.99, a significant discount compared to Amazon's $411 price tag or Best Buy's $360 clearance option.


You may be wondering why we're covering a deal on a radar and laser detector. The appeal for Android users is that the device has a companion app for Android that, while leaving a lot to be desired in terms of interface design, can measure speed and even warn users of upcoming "speed traps." In the interest of disclosure, it's worth noting that the app offers more features (like receiving reported information from other users) for $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year.

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Lookout Ad Network Detector Now Snooping Out SellARing

With the advent of the latest and greatest APIs, amazing new apps have been made possible. Unfortunately, these developments have also given rise to another, more insidious trend on Google Play: cruel and unusual advertising. For example, ad network SellARing allows developers to play a 10-second audio ad whenever users make a phone call.

Fortunately, Lookout recently released an app called "Ad Network Detector" to help with such obnoxious, intrusive ads; however, up until today, SellARing was not among the detected networks. No more - as of the latest update, version 1.2, Ad Detector users can identify apps that use SellARing; as with other ad networks, once the applications have been identified, Lookout gives you the option of opting out of the ads, getting more information about them, or completely uninstalling the apps that trigger them.

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Lookout Releases Push Ad Detector To Help Fight Off Airpush, Startapp, LeadBolt, And Other Annoying Ad Networks

Today, Lookout, a mobile security company, released a new Android application that can help figure out just where those pesky notification ads are suddenly coming from and offer you ways to opt out of them or get rid of the culprits altogether.

Their creation, called Push Ad Detector, currently detects apps that use the following ad networks:

  • Airpush
  • Appenda
  • LeadBolt
  • Moolah Media
  • Startapp
  • TapIt!

There are other detectors of notification ads on the Market, but none are as comprehensive and polished as Push Ad Detector. No surprises there - Lookout is known for quality of its software.

Once you perform a scan, you will see a list of installed applications that include support for ad networks mentioned above as well as ways to either opt out of those networks permanently (presumably based on device ID), get more information, or just uninstall the offenders altogether.

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