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Xiaomi Partners With Uber To Deliver Mi Note Smartphones In Southeast Asia

Ring, ring.

Hello, thank you for calling Xiaomi.

Mumble, mumble. Mumble mumble.

So you hate going to the store to pick up a new phone. I hear you. Have you tried ordering online? Huh, you don't want to wait for shipping. Okay. What I'm hearing is that you literally just want to have someone bring you a phone the moment you ask for it. Well, since you live in Malaysia—huh, Singapore, okay, you're still good—you can now order one through Uber. Xiaomi has partnered with the ride-sharing company to deliver its new Mi Note.



Excuse me, I have an American on the line.

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You Can Now Order Food Directly From Google Search Results

Google's search engine first attracted users because it was a fast and useful way to find the information. The faster you send users away, the faster they come back, the thinking went. These days Google has no shortage of services to keep us from ever leaving its servers. But some new features keep that original vibe of Google-y awesomeness. This latest addition to Search is one such feature.

Now when you search for a local restaurant, Google will show the option to place an order. Hitting this button will ask for your preferred delivery service and then pull up the appropriate website.


This feature is only available in the US, and for now it's limited to six partners: BeyondMenu,, Eat24, Grubhub,, and Seamless.

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DoorDash Delivery Service Rings Google Play's Doorbell, Is Now Ready To Serve Android

DoorDash gets food from a local restaurant to your door without you having to check the establishment's website to see if the place delivers. Just fire up the app, do a quick search, and place your order. You can browse through menus and track deliver through status updates. Payments are handled through the app.

Since 2013, the service has been an iOS exclusive. Now it's available in the Play Store. (It's about time. I placed the order a year ago.)

You may be pleased to know that Doordash supports more areas than just San Francisco. Options in other states include Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

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Caviar Delivers Its App To The Play Store With The Promise Of Getting Your Favorite Foods To You In Select US Cities

You're sitting at home or in your office, hungry, ready to gnaw at anything, really anything, then you remember that you would absolutely love those special donuts you usually grab on your way to work. The problem? They don't deliver. Your craving is turning into a focused need for donuts and it's evolving at an alarming speed into dangerous territory. What do you do? You pick up your Android phone and launch the Caviar app.

You quickly browse to your donuts shop, drool while scrolling through the appetizing images, pick a donut, wait no, 3 donuts, customize your order, input your address, and stare at the screen while the GPS tracks both the courier and the end of your misery in real-time.

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Shyp Android App Gets Delivered To The Play Store, Lets You Ship Packages Without Leaving The House

The Internet has made buying things as effortless as possible. You don't need to go to the store or even roll out of bed. You don't have to bother with cash, and in places where you frequently shop, you can do without pulling out a card either. A series of mouse clicks or finger taps is all it takes.

The inverse isn't so simple. Mailing packages typically requires making a trip to the nearest postal service and wrestling with packaging. Shyp wants to do away with this hassle, and it has just brought its app over to Android.

Shyp1 Shyp2 Shyp3

To mail an item with Shyp, simply snap a photo, tell the service where you are, where you want your item to go, and schedule a pickup.

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Roadie Is Ride-Sharing For Packages, Turns Weekend Trips Into A Chance To Make A Buck

You're a busy person. You've got work all day, groceries to buy during lunch, and kids to pick up after piano practice. (Football? Yeah, let's make it football practice.) The last thing you want to do is schlep across town to drop off that blender for your sister's party next week. Wouldn't it be better if you could just send somebody else to do it? A new service called Roadie is looking to turn everyday commuters and travelers into a network of couriers ready to take just about anything across town, or across the state.

The idea is very similar to ride-share services like Lyft and Uber, but oriented towards moving inanimate objects from point A to point B, rather than humans.

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UPS Mobile Android App Gets 4.1 Update Adding My Choice Integration For Easier Package Tracking

Earlier this year, UPS Mobile received a big bump in functionality, which was a nice change for an Android app that really didn't have to do all that much. The app puts tracking information front and center, as it should. Why else does anyone even check UPS online?

Now the app has received a 4.1 update that lets users track packages without having to manually juggle all of those tracking numbers. This is a feature exclusively available to My Choice members, which is free depending on what perks are desired. Customers can see the benefits of signing up all within the app. For starters, My Choice members can go from package alert emails straight into the app to see its latest status or place changes to the delivery.

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Report: Google Is Spending Half A Billion Dollars To Expand Shopping Express To Cities Across The Country

Some of you have probably been coveting Google Shopping Express, the service which delivers groceries and other items from local retailers directly to your door on the same day, ever since it launched. But with an extremely limited rollout in only certain areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, it's not exactly widespread. A report in ReCode says that Google plans to spend a huge sum of money, as much as $500 million, to give the shopping service a true nationwide rollout, covering major urban areas from coast to coast.

shopping express

Depending on where and when a more sizeable Google Shopping Express service rolled out, it could directly challenge Amazon Prime Fresh, Amazon's same-day delivery service, which is currently only available in some California cities.

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Postmates Delivery Service For Grocery Stores And Restaurants Comes To Los Angeles

Some places offer delivery and some don't. This is the way things are, sure, but that doesn't make life any easier for the busier (or lazier) among us. There's an itch to be scratched here, and Postmates steps in to handle it. The service turns any restaurant or grocery store into one that's able to deliver to your door. It does this by paying people to read your shopping list, pick everything up, and bring it to you.

Before now Postmates only served Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. Now it serves Los Angeles as well. The supported areas include Beverly Hills, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, and West Hollywood.

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Amazon Launches Sunday Delivery In 15 New Cities Following Successful Tests In NYC And LA

When a product on Amazon says it takes two days to arrives, Sunday typically doesn't count. Hey, that's no jab against the company, as this is standard practice in the shipping industry. But now Amazon is expanding Sunday delivery to fifteen cities, giving millions of customers the chance to see this new delivery date show up at checkout.

The lucky metropolitan areas are as follows:

  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Lexington, KY
  • Louisville, KY
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Austin, TX
  • College Station, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Waco, TX

The cities are concentrated in only a handful of states, with six of them situated in Texas alone.

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