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MyFitnessPal Gets Updated To v2.7 – From Horrendously Ugly To Holo In One Easy Step

One of the most popular fitness apps on Google Play has long been MyFitnessPal. This was true in spite of how it looked – the app's UI was absolutely awful, and performance left a lot to be desired. But no more. MyFitnessPal has gotten a new Holo interface in the most recent update.

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The developers of MyFitnessPal completely redesigned the app. Performance is considerably better, and you could legitimately call the design Holo (#YOLO). The way tabs behave isn't quite within the guidelines, but the overall vibe is much closer to the way Android is supposed to look in this day and age.

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There's A New Tasker Beta In Town And It's Got A Redesigned Holo UI

Remember back when Google showed off what Tasker could look like if it updated to support the new ICS guidelines and we all drooled? Then the dev behind it said that there's already a UI overhaul in the works and we started squirming in our seats? Well, today's the day we all freak out, because today the developer released a beta of Tasker 4.0b4 that shows off a completely redesigned interface.

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If you want to get in on this action, you can download the APK here. There are two separate download links, one for those who have purchased Tasker from the developer directly in the past, and one for those who bought it from the Play Store.

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