Sega originally released Crazy Taxi for Android priced at $4.99, but until March 19th, you can now get the game entirely for free. We're talking the full package, complete with everything from the original music by the Offspring to all the craaaaaaazy money your frightening driving skills can earn you. Unfortunately, the one thing you're not likely to get are future updates.


You see, Google doesn't allow developers to make paid apps on the Play Store free, then return them back to their original paid status.


SEGA's Crazy Taxi was a very welcome addition to Android's gaming lineup last month, and no less so for a wide array of controls. The game came with standard on-screen controls, tilt steering, and support for HID and MOGA controllers. It was strange, then, that the game was incompatible with the controls on NVIDIA's SHIELD. Other SEGA games had already been updated for the launch. But today Crazy Taxi was updated to version 1.2, complete with SHIELD-friendly controls.


Dateline: 1999. A 12-year-old Jeremiah Rice spends every cent of his allowance at the local Pizza Hut's dingy game room, trying to perfect an S-Class run on the brand new Crazy Taxi arcade unit. Another fourteen years have passed, and SEGA's ode to irresponsible driving isn't exactly the technical marvel it once was, but it's every bit as fun. And a single fiver will let you play as much as you want on Android.